What They’re Watching: Carla D’Angelo

Carla D’Angelo, vice president of Cope Health Solutions, joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to discuss what might happen if the ACA is repealed without reconciliation and how that could impact Hawaiian healthcare.

Some things we should all be looking at are the tax subsidies that are involved today. If the tax subsides go away then the middle class will run for the hills and will not be going after the attractive plans that are going to be on the marketplace. If the mandate goes away, then for the young and healthy, the mandate goes away then the young and healthy¬†aren’t going to be purchasing healthcare any longer so what will be left will be a really sick population…

Here in Hawaii with the different dynamics of the marketplace here and you have rural health and each island has its own mircro-regions, its going to be important that the Hawaiian community stays really close together with their payers.