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Q&A with VACSB director Jennifer Faison on supporting community health

| Sep 17, 2021 | Virginia

Jennifer Faison is the executive director of the Virginia Association of Community Services Boards (VACSB) which oversees 39 CSBs across the Commonwealth and the Behavioral Health Authority. Faison has advocated for Virginia’s behavioral health workforce — not just at state hospitals but the services embedded in the community as well,...[ Read More ]

Q&A: OAHHS CEO discusses hospitals' dire workforce struggles, the delta surge, and long-term effects

| Sep 10, 2021 | Oregon

Becky Hultberg is the President and CEO of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS) where she works with local and national government leaders to promote community health and continue improving Oregon’s innovative health care industry.  In this Q&A, Hultberg discusses how the workforce shortage affects hospitals, how...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Phillip Bergquist on the health budget and MPCA's priorities

| Sep 7, 2021 | Michigan

Phillip Bergquist is the chief operating officer at the Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) and leads MPCA’s engagement with state and federal legislation.  In this Q&A, Bergquist highlights MPCA’s priorities in the upcoming FY 2022 health and human services budget and their support of a new payment approach and behavioral...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Rep. Joe Schmick outlines health policy priorities for 2022

| Sep 3, 2021 | Washington

Representative Joe Schmick has served Washington’s 9th Legislative District -- which includes Asotin, Garfield, Franklin, Adams, Whitman, and south Spokane counties -- since 2007.  Rep. Schmick is the Ranking Member on the House Health Care and Wellness Committee, and also serves on the House Appropriations Committee. In this Q&A, Schmick...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Shelly Smith, VCU School of Nursing on Virginia's workforce and health equity

| Sep 3, 2021 | Virginia

Shelly Smith, DNP, APRN-BC, is the director of advanced practice programs at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Nursing. Smith oversees VCU’s nurse practitioner, nursing administration, and doctoral clinical tracts. Smith also works with VCU’s Wilder School for Government and Public Affairs to provide a health care perspective to...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Virginia Rural Health Association executive director Beth O'Connor

| Sep 1, 2021 | Virginia

Beth O’Connor is the executive director of the Virginia Rural Health Association (VRHA), serving 2.5 million Virginians living in rural communities. VRHA provides services such as group PPE purchases, assistance in telehealth service implementation, and Mental Health First Aid training for rural health clinics across the Commonwealth. In this Q&A,...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Hazel Health CMO Dr. Rob Darzynkiewicz

| Aug 31, 2021 | Florida

Dr. Rob Darzynkiewicz is the Chief Medical Officer at Hazel Health, a pediatric telehealth provider covering Florida, Texas, and other states. During the pandemic, Hazel Health has stepped in to provide COVID-19 screening assistance to nurses as children return to school.  In this Q&A, Dr. Darzynkiewicz addressed parent concerns over...[ Read More ]

Informed and educated: Health insurance navigators making coverage more accessible in Florida

| Aug 25, 2021 | Florida

An increasing number of Floridians are seeking health insurance as a result of the pandemic. A report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) shows over 487,000 people in Florida gained health coverage by the end 2021 Special Enrollment Period (SEP) last week.  However, some individuals are paying...[ Read More ]

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