What They’re Watching: Individual market sustainability

During our conferences, we sit down with a wide range of folks and ask them what they’re watching.  We get their take on what’s happening in the market and policy worlds, and listen to their insights. One of the topics that keeps coming up is whether the health system – particularly the individual exchange marketplace – is sustainable.

So, we put together some of the content we’ve pulled over the last four months into one video.  The idea is to feature speakers from across our markets – Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California – to show what leaders are thinking about the subject.

Here’s who you’ll see in this video.

  • Lori Wing-Heier, Director of the Alaska Division of Insurance
  • Eric Earling, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Premera Blue Cross
  • Rep. Bill Kennemer, R-District 39, Oregon City, Oregon House of Representatives
  • Becky Hultberg President and CEO of Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home
  • John Baackes, CEO of LA Care Health Plan
  • Valerie Davidson, Commissioner for DHSS

As always, let us know what you think – both about this video and the thinking featured here, but also your concerns or observations about the market today.