#HealthShareReform LA Superbug | GSB Law | OHA Formulary Woes | WA QHP Enrollment

#HealthShareReform is out weekly dive into the top trends, articles, and opinion on health care throughout social media:

1. OR: Rachael Ream (Associate, Garvey Schubert Barer Law)

Rachael Ream, JD, PhD (Associate, Garvey Schubert Barer Law) offered her analysis on cost-savings under the Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) and how it’s impacting reimbursement in the road ahead. Since February 16, it’s had over 100 people shared it on Facebook and a dozen on LinkedIn. So, hear what she has to say about the Oregon health care market:


2. CA: UCLA superbug linked to device FDA knew had flaws

The LA Times led with their investigation into how the FDA knew of a design flaw in scope linked to the recent “superbug” outbreaks in the UCLA health system.


3. OR: OHA Psychiatric drug formulary stirs public outrage

The behavioral and mental health community spoke up during a public hearing over Oregon HB 2421. The OHA wants to establish restrictions on psychiatric drugs for Medicaid patients and public testimony was faced with resistance. Even NAMI Oregon stepped in, adding that the bill appeared “one-sided” and lack input from the greater mental health practitioner community.


4. WA: QHP enrollment tops 159,556

Washington open enrollment topped 159,556 individual marketplace enrollees, according to the latest open enrollment report provided by the Washington State Health Benefit Exchange (WAHBE). These figures were current as of February 15, 2015.


5. UC San Francisco Robots Deliver Meds

Surprisingly, trials of robotic aides free-roaming hospital settings have begun. UCSF Medical Center at Misson Bay is using some of the first robots to deliver medications to patients.