Our 1000th News Story


In 2010, we thought it made sense to convene a conference to put the most pressing issues of the day on the table, and let the leading practitioners of health care and health policy talk them through.

In January, 2011, the State of Reform Health Policy Conference was born.

Later that year, we thought it made sense to have a news site to help keep the broader health care community engaged with what was happening in health care the other 364 days we weren’t hosting a conference.

So, stateofreform.com evolved in December, 2011, into the news site you see today.

And, we’re proud to say that recently we posted our 1000th news story online.

Since then, we’ve grown to about 70,000 unique users per year.  We have about 40,000 email addresses in four states.  We send out 5 Things We’re Watching, a market and policy intelligence newsletter, monthly to Oregon and Alaska.  It goes out twice a month in Washington.

And, now we host four events a year, one each in SeaTac, Spokane, Portland and Anchorage.

We’ve come a long ways, thanks in significant part to the support and engagement from you, our readers and our community.

So, thank you – for everything.  And, stay tuned!  We’ve got a lot of great work ahead of us!