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State Health Officer Dr. Kathy Lofy announces resignation

| Oct 14, 2020 | Washington

State Health Officer Dr. Kathy Lofy is publicly announcing that she will be resigning her position at the Department of Health later this year. “This decision is my own, and it’s a personal one,” says Dr. Lofy. “My only definitive plan after I leave the agency is to take a...[ Read More ]

Haborview Volunteers to Accept Ebola Patients

| Oct 6, 2014 | Washington

Harborview Medical Center has volunteered to become one of the hospitals willing to consider receiving U.S. patients evacuated from Western Africa for treatment of Ebola. The decision follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s request last week to find hospitals around the country that could treat citizens who have...[ Read More ]

WA: West Nile Virus infection confirmed in Washington resident

| Aug 19, 2014 | Washington

A Walla Walla County man is the first Washington resident in 2014 known to have been infected with West Nile virus in our state. The man in his 20s was likely exposed near his home and was hospitalized. The infection was confirmed by testing at the Washington State Public Health...[ Read More ]

Governor Inslee makes two Board of Health reappointments

| Jul 8, 2014 | Washington

Gov. Jay Inslee made two Washington State Board of Health reappointments. Mason County Local Health Officer Dr. Diana Yu and Marysville City Councilmember Donna Wright have been appointed to another three year term. [pullquote]Dr. Diana Yu and Marysville Councilmember Donna Wright keep spots on board[/pullquote]Dr. Diana Yu is a healthy...[ Read More ]