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Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board recommends deductible health credit transfers and insulin cost caps to legislature

| Dec 7, 2022 | Florida

Last Wednesday, the Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board (FHIAB) voted unanimously to send a set of policy recommendations developed by Florida Voices for Health to the state legislature for consideration in the 2023 legislative session.     The 8 consumer policy recommendations were presented to the FHIAB by Florida Voices...[ Read More ]

California physicians say stabilizing Medicare payment system will bolster access to care for patients

| Dec 6, 2022 | California

In an October 31st letter to Congress, the California Medical Association (CMA) detailed its recommendations to stabilize the Medicare payment system in response to a congressional request for stakeholder input.     These recommendations include stopping payment cuts and implementing an annual inflation update, reducing incentives that have driven provider...[ Read More ]

Arizona measure to increase funding to rural fire districts fails despite ‘major disparity’ in quality of EMS care compared to urban districts

| Dec 2, 2022 | Arizona

Rural fire districts in Arizona will not be receiving supplemental funding through a new statewide sales tax anytime soon, according to results of the November 8th election.      Proposition 310, or the Sales Tax for Fire District Funding Measure, would have created a 0.1% sales tax for 20 years...[ Read More ]

Interest rates on medical debt will soon be limited in Arizona

| Dec 2, 2022 | Arizona

Proposition 209, a measure to limit interest rates on debt from healthcare services in Arizona, won the approval of voters in the midterm elections.      The measure passed with a 72% majority, with 1,747,362 voters voting to pass the measure and 679,089 voters voting to reject it. The ballot...[ Read More ]

‘One of the most financially challenging years for Arizona hospitals’—AzHHA third quarter analysis details ongoing hospital financial challenges

| Dec 1, 2022 | Arizona

The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association’s (AzHHA) third quarter financial analysis, compiling data from 29 AzHHA member hospitals, reveals that Arizona hospitals continue to face significant financial challenges in 2022.      AzHHA’s latest quarterly hospital financial analysis shows that operating margins remained negative in all 3 quarters of 2022,...[ Read More ]

California’s health organizations can now sign first ever statewide Data Sharing Agreement

| Nov 30, 2022 | California

The California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) this week launched a new online portal allowing providers to sign on to California’s first ever Data Sharing Agreement (DSA).     The DSA is the first step in California’s Data Exchange Framework, an initiative to expand the exchange of health information...[ Read More ]