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Trauma, societal norms, and economics are negatively affecting men’s health, panel says

| Jun 23, 2022 | Washington

Some men may need to step outside their comfort zones in order to reach a level of health and well-being that can make a positive impact on their families and those they love.     A multi-perspective group of speakers discussed men’s health during a Washington State Department of Health...[ Read More ]

Many Alaskans flying to Seattle to receive health care services

| Jun 21, 2022 | Alaska, Washington

Many Alaskans are flying to Seattle to receive health care services, which has led to some productive connections and sparked conversation about increased medical collaboration between Alaska and northwest states.     Alaska Sen. Natasha von Imhof (R-Anchorage) has worked on many health care initiatives since she took office in...[ Read More ]

Commission discusses Washington’s readiness to establish a universal health care system

| Jun 17, 2022 | Washington

Washington’s Universal Health Care Commission discussed the state’s readiness to establish a single-payer system Thursday.     The commission was created after Senate Bill 5399 passed during the 2021 legislative session to make health care more accessible and affordable for residents. Health Management Associates (HMA) staff is helping the commission...[ Read More ]

COVID vaccines expected to be available to Washington kids under 5 beginning Monday

| Jun 16, 2022 | Washington

Washington families will soon be able to get all members fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as health officials expect vaccines to become available to kids under age 5 beginning next week.     Washington State Department of Health (DOH) Assistant Secretary Michele Roberts and Chief Science Officer Tao Kwan-Gett provided an...[ Read More ]

Oregon youths demand action on climate change to help address their mental health concerns

| Jun 15, 2022 | Oregon

Climate change is causing negative mental health effects on Oregon’s youths, according to a new Oregon Health Authority (OHA) report.     OHA’s Julie Sifuentes was the lead author of the report, which studied the effects of climate change on youth mental health. She discussed its findings during a presentation...[ Read More ]

Rise in youth suicide attempts in Washington could be attributed to COVID-19 pandemic

| Jun 14, 2022 | Washington

New data shows an increase in youths using medications in attempts to take their own lives in Washington State.     The Washington Poison Center (WPC) reported that cases of self-harm or suspected suicide rose 37% in patients aged 13-17 from 2019-2021, according to data analyzing poison exposure calls to...[ Read More ]