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Michigan’s lawsuit on 1931 abortion ban upholds status quo of Roe as trial continues, but abortion access still hangs in the balance

| May 18, 2022 | Michigan

Planned Parenthood of Michigan’s lawsuit to block a 1931 state law banning abortion was granted a preliminary injunction on May 17th, which will maintain the status quo set by Roe v. Wade until after the Michigan case is decided—even in the event that Roe is overturned.      The lawsuit...[ Read More ]

MDHHS issues a slew of RFPs to protect underserved Michiganders

| May 17, 2022 | Michigan

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) recently issued a slew of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) aimed at increasing access to facilities and services for underserved communities in Michigan.  Within the last month, MDHHS has issued 7 RFPs including for programs on the social determinants of health (SDOH),...[ Read More ]

Senate committee discusses bill to define who can give medical nutrition therapy

| May 13, 2022 | Michigan

The Michigan Legislature is working to ensure patient safety when seeking out registered dietitian nutritionists and nutritionists.  In the Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee meeting on May 12th, the committee heard testimony of Amendment S2 on Senate Bill 614, which would prescribe the scope of practice and outline...[ Read More ]

MDHHS expands Behavioral Health Homes to Southeast Michigan PIHP regions

| May 12, 2022 | Michigan

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) expanded the Behavioral Health Home (BHH) initiative last week to more counties in Michigan. The new counties lie within the CMH Partnership of Southeast Michigan and Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHPs)—region six and seven respectively.  The...[ Read More ]

Addressing structurally racist policies is key to promoting health equity in Michigan, experts say

| May 11, 2022 | Michigan

Addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH) is an important step in addressing racism as a public health challenge, according to health equity experts in Michigan. But, it is also about the dismantling of unwritten social structures affecting health.  At our 2022 Michigan State of Reform Health Policy Conference, three...[ Read More ]

What They’re Watching: Rich Saunders, Office of Gov. Spencer Cox

| May 11, 2022 | Utah

The Cox administration is focused on controlling costs, advancing health equity, and garnering input from the community to create uniform goals for health outcomes.  At our 2022 Utah State of Reform Health Policy Conference, Rich Saunders, Chief Innovation Officer at the Office of Government Spencer Cox, discussed the future of...[ Read More ]