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OHA’s redeveloped rates receive approval from CMS

| Dec 29, 2015 | Oregon

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) received notice from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that its 2015 redeveloped rates for coordinated care organizations (CCOs), submitted in an actuarial certification dated August 28, 2015, meet all federal requirements. This is good news for Oregon Health Plan members, CCOs and...[ Read More ]

Oregon approves development of freestanding inpatient hospice facility in Eugene

| Oct 21, 2015 | Oregon

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) today issued a proposed order to Cascade Health Solutions granting a certificate of need to develop a freestanding inpatient hospice facility in Eugene. The facility will be known as the Peter Moore Hospice House and will be located at 4010 Country Farm Road, Eugene. The...[ Read More ]

Oregon Health Authority seeks Provider Directory Advisory Group member

| Feb 11, 2015 | Oregon

Provider Directory Advisory Group applications due by March 5, 2015. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is seeking nominations for an advisory group to provide guidance on policy, program, and technical considerations as OHA continues moving forward in the implementation of state-level provider directory services. These services are planned to be...[ Read More ]

Oregon’s rate of unneeded antibiotics use remains nation’s lowest

| Nov 18, 2014 | Oregon

Dangerous resistance still a problem due to continued misuse. Oregon public health officials are seeing less resistance in bacteria most responsible for serious respiratory infections such as pneumococcus, thanks to the state’s low antibiotic prescribing rates, they say. But people continue to misuse antibiotics, and that can lead to dangerous...[ Read More ]

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