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What They’re Saying: Health, State and Local Leaders Praise Governor’s $2.7 Billion COVID-19 Emergency Response Package

| Jan 13, 2022 | California

Health advocates, state and local officials and other California leaders are expressing their support for Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed $2.7 billion COVID-19 Emergency Response Package – including a $1.4 billion emergency appropriation request – to bolster testing capacity, accelerate vaccination and booster efforts, support frontline workers, strengthen the health care system and...[ Read More ]

Governor Newsom Announces Initial Broadband Projects to Help Bridge Digital Divide

| Nov 18, 2021 | California

Advancing California’s commitment to bridge the digital divide, Governor Gavin Newsom today announced that the state has identified 18 projects to begin work on an open-access middle-mile network that will provide missing infrastructure paths to bring broadband to all our communities. As part of the historic $6 billion broadband investment advanced in...[ Read More ]

California moves one step closer toward creating a prescription drug single-purchaser system

| Jul 22, 2019 | California

Continuing the implementation of Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Order to take on high prescription drugs costs, the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) announced today that it will soon begin accepting proposals to implement a significant component of the state’s prescription drug purchasing plan. Under the proposal, DHCS will be transitioning Medi-Cal pharmacy...[ Read More ]

Governor Newsom Announces Regional Leaders & Statewide Experts who will Advise on Solutions to Combat Homelessness

| Jul 18, 2019 | California

Governor Gavin Newsom today announced the names of the regional leaders and statewide experts who will advise the Administration on solutions to address the state’s homelessness epidemic. Once convened, these leaders will join Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas in meetings across the state to...[ Read More ]