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No budget agreement, Inslee vetoes 3 health policy bills

| Mar 11, 2016 | Washington

Four health policy bills went to Gov. Jay Inslee Thursday, and he vetoed three in an action to force Senate GOP and House Democratic caucuses to reach a handshake agreement on the state’s 2016-2017 supplement budget. They failed to do so by Thursday, which was the end of the 60-day...[ Read More ]

Health care bills in the balance as budget negotiations near deadline

| Mar 10, 2016 | Washington

Several health care bills hang in the balance, as the Washington state House and Senate race to finish supplemental budget talks by midnight tonight, the end of the 60-day session. The day's end will reveal whether these bills will be signed into law or if Gov. Inslee will make good...[ Read More ]

In Olympia: Setting Medicaid rates in nursing homes, other bills through Senate

| Mar 4, 2016 | Washington

A lengthy bill covering Medicaid rates for nursing homes is among the bills that made it entirely through the Washington Legislature this week. The Senate has passed HB 2678 by Rep. Joe Schmick, R- Colfax, a bill tackling nursing home Medicaid rates and reimbursements. The House has already passed this bill....[ Read More ]

Moving in Olympia-Medicaid fraud bill, rural hospital pilot

| Feb 23, 2016 | Washington

Washington’s House and Senate passed numerous health policy bills in the past few days including two pieces to renew the state’s 2012 Medicaid Fraud False Claims Act and one to standardize how group health plans are filed and reviewed. SB 6156 by Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, and HB 1067...[ Read More ]

Health Care Authority's Dorothy Teeter in the hot seat

| Feb 11, 2016 | Washington

The neck to watch in Olympia may be that of Dorothy Teeter, Administrator of the state Health Care Authority (HCA). The GOP is unhappy that the agency's Medicaid estimates are off by a few hundred million dollars heading into this year's session. And despite being at her post for about...[ Read More ]

Health bills moving in Olympia: Rep. Cody's task force, Rep. Robinson's comprehensive coverage 2020

| Feb 10, 2016 | Washington

A proposed task force on high patient out-of-pocket costs is among the bills that the Washington House Health Care & Wellness Committee sent to the full House last Friday. HB 2871 by Rep Eileen Cody, D-Seattle would create a task force to examine high out-of-pocket costs medical costs, including drug...[ Read More ]