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Evaluations of four state-run dually eligible demonstrations

| Dec 1, 2021 | Federal

Federal and state policymakers have been working to improve the cost-effectiveness of care provided to the “dually eligible” -- those entitled to services under both Medicare and Medicaid -- for more than two decades, but the results to date have been disappointing. The two giant public insurance programs are run...[ Read More ]

A closer look at the House plan to close the coverage gap

| Nov 12, 2021 | Federal

The current House version of the Build Back Better (BBB) legislation, as posted by the Rules Committee, includes provisions that would close the health insurance coverage gap in states that have declined to expand Medicaid pursuant to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The individuals who now are ineligible both for...[ Read More ]

The health-related provisions of the revised BBB plan

| Nov 1, 2021 | Federal

After weeks of intense negotiations over his administration’s sweeping domestic agenda, President Biden released a revised Build Back Better (BBB) plan which substantially scales back many key provisions, including those related to health care. Even so, the absolute size of the initiative -- $1.85 trillion in new federal spending over...[ Read More ]

Nothing about the Biden spending plan is certain, including its health provisions

| Oct 5, 2021 | Federal

The Biden administration is encountering turbulence as it pushes a major domestic program and climate change bill in Congress, which is not surprising given the size of what is being contemplated. The president and leading Democrats originally had targeted $3.5 trillion in new spending over ten years as their goal,...[ Read More ]

Colorado’s standardized health benefit plan (HB21-1232)

| Aug 2, 2021 | Colorado

Elected officials in Colorado have made their state the third to adopt legislation mandating tightly-regulated health insurance offerings. As was the case in Washington and Nevada, the push came from advocates of a “public option,” although the final bill (HB21-1232) leverages private coverage, not public insurance. None of the three...[ Read More ]

The complicated politics of a federal “coverage gap” workaround

| Jul 14, 2021 | Federal

The Biden administration and Democrats in Congress are pursuing a two-track legislative agenda for the second half of 2021, although political considerations and a crowded calendar may force a merger. The first bill is supposed to consummate an agreement among a bipartisan group of ten senators for more infrastructure spending....[ Read More ]