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Alternative payment models require a second look

| Apr 6, 2021 | Federal

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in 2010, alternative payment models (APMs) were touted as promising tools for reining in costs. After a decade of modest results, the Biden administration should consider adjusting their design. The premise of APMs is that the financial incentives embedded in reimbursement policies...[ Read More ]

The next health care battles

| Mar 19, 2021 | Federal

With enactment of its $1.9 trillion COVID response bill, the Biden administration has advanced its health policy priorities, especially federal support for coverage expansion. The president and his aides may find securing passage of their next steps more challenging. The key coverage provisions of the new law are noteworthy and...[ Read More ]

The coming ACA expansion will be permanent

| Mar 3, 2021 | Federal

The COVID-19 response bill moving briskly through Congress contains the largest expansion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) since the law was enacted eleven years ago. In fact, the increased subsidies for insurance enrollment are more consequential, and costly, than has been advertised to date because, once in place, they...[ Read More ]

Health reform provisions in the Biden COVID response bill

| Feb 16, 2021 | Federal

President Biden’s top priorities are containing the COVID-19 pandemic and jump-starting the American economy, which is why his focus is on moving a fifth major response bill through Congress, this one with a price tag of $1.9 trillion. Because this legislation is near certain to become law, it has become...[ Read More ]

An abbreviated history of budget reconciliation

| Feb 1, 2021 | Federal

Budget reconciliation – the oft-used pathway for expediting tax and spending legislation through Congress – may be poised for another star turn on the national stage. Democratic leaders are signaling they might set it in motion to secure passage of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 response measure. Some background on...[ Read More ]

Health provisions in the year-end pandemic response bill

| Dec 23, 2020 | Federal

Congress regularly serves up omnibus bills as the calendar year draws to a close, but the behemoth it passed this week might become the standard against which future wrap-up deals get compared. After months of doing very little, House and Senate leaders decided to attach a year’s worth of work...[ Read More ]

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