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Valleywise Health’s new campus in Arizona set to open in October

| Mar 13, 2023 | Arizona

Arizona’s Valleywise Health Medical Center’s new building, which will replace the current facility that is over 50 years old, is 75% complete and on track to open in October. The Diane & Bruce Halle Arizona Burn Center is 75,000 square feet and was designed from the perspectives of patients and...[ Read More ]

California Senate’s Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services hosts panel discussion about older adults experiencing homelessness

| Mar 10, 2023 | California

The California Senate’s Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services met for a panel discussion regarding older adults experiencing homelessness on Thursday. The discussion provided information on the current rates of adults experiencing homelessness in the state, and ways to combat the issue. Older adults in California represent the fastest...[ Read More ]

Over 1.7 million individuals signed up for Covered California during open enrollment process

| Mar 10, 2023 | California

On Thursday, Covered California announced that over 1.7 million individuals have signed up to receive healthcare coverage during the 2023 open enrollment process. This announcement comes as Medi-Cal eligibility redeterminations are set to begin on April 1st, with millions of Californians estimated to lose coverage.  Covered California is the state’s...[ Read More ]

California governor cuts ties with Walgreens for refusing to dispense abortion medication

| Mar 9, 2023 | California

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday that California is backing out of its renewal of a multi-million-dollar contract with Walgreens over the pharmaceutical company’s decision to not dispense mifepristone—a medication taken for abortion and miscarriages—in 21 states, including states where abortion rights are protected.     Mifepristone, also known as...[ Read More ]

Florida Hospital Association increasing awareness about Medicaid redeterminations

| Mar 9, 2023 | Florida

The Florida Hospital Association (FHA) is taking several measures to spread awareness about the upcoming Medicaid eligibility redeterminations process. The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 ends the continuous Medicaid coverage provision on March 31st, and is linked to the federal public health emergency (PHE), which is also coming to an...[ Read More ]

California’s Budget SubCommittee on Health and Human Services discusses reimagining CalWORKs program

| Mar 9, 2023 | California

California’s Budget SubCommittee on Health and Human Services held its first meeting of the year on Wednesday, where panel discussions were held about essential state programs, including CalWORKs. A focus of the CalWORKs panel was reimagining the program to alleviate poverty for families. CalWORKs is California’s primary cash support and...[ Read More ]