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Arizona Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee narrowly passes bill relating to substance use treatment among pregnant people

| Mar 27, 2023 | Arizona

At the Arizona Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee meeting last week, members narrowly passed House Bill 2530, which relates to substance use referrals for pregnant people, by a vote of four to three. HB 2350 would require the Department of Child Safety (DCS) to provide communication they received involving...[ Read More ]

Two women are first to graduate from Pima County’s support program for young moms

| Mar 24, 2023 | Arizona

On March 9th, two young mothers became the first to graduate from Pima County’s support program for young moms, Adult Identity Mentoring (AIM) 4 Teen Moms. The program is available to mothers ages 14-20 who are parenting a child under the age of two. The 12-week program encourages young mothers...[ Read More ]

CCT’s Youth Advisory Board write legislators in support of bill that would increase equitable mental health access for California youth

| Mar 24, 2023 | California

On Tuesday, the Youth Advisory Board of California Children’s Trust wrote a letter to legislators in proud support of Assembly Bill 665, which addresses barriers that youth on Medi-Cal face when seeking mental health services. About half of all Californian youth are on Medi-Cal, with the majority being youth of...[ Read More ]

California Medical Association announces 2023 priority bills with two focused on reproductive health

| Mar 23, 2023 | California

On Monday, the California Medical Association announced seven priority bills for the 2023 legislative session, which include a bill to expand cultural and linguistic competency, and two bills relating to reproductive healthcare. Assembly Bill 470 aims to ensure that continued medical education in the state takes into account the growing...[ Read More ]

California Medical Association urges legislators to oppose bill requiring physicians to offer alternatives to opioid-containing prescriptions

| Mar 22, 2023 | California

The California Medical Association (CMA) is urging physicians to contact their legislators and ask for a “no” vote on Assembly Bill 1751, saying the bill would place unnecessary burdens on physicians prescribing pain management. AB 1751 is sponsored by the California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) and would require physicians to share...[ Read More ]

Arizona lawmakers consider bill relating to religious exemptions for vaccines

| Mar 22, 2023 | Arizona

On March 13th, the Arizona House Health and Human Services Committee passed a Senate bill that would require employers to provide reasonable accommodations to employees who complete religious exemption forms to opt-out of receiving vaccines, including COVID-19, influenza, or any vaccine authorized for emergency use under the US Food and...[ Read More ]