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Arizona Medical Association announces new Association Health Plan

| Sep 14, 2021 | Arizona

The Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) announced a new Association Health Plan (AHP) for medical facilities on Sept. 9. The new AHP will “provide competitive rates for comprehensive medical, dental, vision, life, and AD&D insurance plans to small and mid-sized medical practices in Arizona,” according to ArMA.      The AHP...[ Read More ]

Telehealth and nursing bills added to Alaska special session

| Sep 7, 2021 | Alaska

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy added a few pieces of legislation to the Alaska special session on Sept. 2. Senate Bill 3006, Senate Bill 67, and House Bill 83 represent Dunleavy’s attempts to help ease the burdens that Alaska’s hospitals are under due to COVID-19.      According to a press...[ Read More ]

Arizona Department of Corrections receives failing grade for handling of COVID-19

| Sep 7, 2021 | Arizona

Arizona’s prisons have fared poorly during the pandemic, due in large part to crowded conditions stemming from years of mass incarceration, according to new data from the Prison Policy Initiative.      More than a year into the pandemic, the virus has claimed the lives of more than 2,700 prisoners,...[ Read More ]

Arizona officials voice concerns with lack of mask mandates

| Sep 2, 2021 | Arizona

The Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AzAAP) and the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) voiced their concerns over the current lack of mask mandates as students begin returning to school.      Kathy Hoffman, the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, expressed her concerns in the release.  “All...[ Read More ]

$60 million on the way to Arizona hospital staff

| Sep 2, 2021 | Arizona

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced this week that more than $60 million in funds is on its way to support staff at health care sites throughout the state.      The funding is aimed at supporting facilities that, according to the release, administer proven techniques which prevent the spread of...[ Read More ]

Transportation option coming to Texas Medicaid recipients

| Sep 1, 2021 | Texas

Uber Health announced last week that Medicaid recipients in Texas will now have access to non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) options. Uber Health patients will have access to transportation both to and from their appointments.      Uber’s decision will help expand its reach to over 4.4 million Medicaid members in...[ Read More ]