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H.R. 5221 passes House with help of Alaska Congressman

| Nov 5, 2021 | Alaska

H.R. 5221, known as the Urban Indian Health Confer Act, passed in the US House on Nov. 2 by a vote of 406 to 17 and has been referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs following two readings in the Senate.      The bill, co-sponsored by Alaska Congressman Don...[ Read More ]

Workplace culture at center of nursing turnover conversation in Oregon

| Nov 4, 2021 | Oregon

A report from the Oregon Center for Nursing (OCN), finds that workplace culture is a significant factor in dictating whether registered nurses or other medical professionals stick with their jobs. The report details how COVID-19 acted as a “shock” factor and contributed to increasing nurse turnover rates.      OCN...[ Read More ]

Oregon legislators outline priorities ahead of the next legislative session

| Oct 29, 2021 | Oregon

Six Oregon legislators sat down this week to discuss health care in the state and what their health policy priorities will be heading into the next legislative session, which will convene on Feb. 1, 2022.      Sen. James Manning Jr. (D - Eugene), a member of the Joint Task...[ Read More ]

Lawmakers pre-file a series of new health bills in October

| Oct 29, 2021 | Florida

In September we highlighted some of the health-related bills that Florida legislators have pre-filed ahead of the next legislative session. In this piece, we have a round-up of health legislation pre-filed in October.     SB 678 - Payment caps for insulin drugs: SB 678, a bill sponsored by Sen. Janet...[ Read More ]

Staff salaries take center stage at interim committee meeting

| Oct 28, 2021 | Florida

Florida’s House Health and Human Services Committee held an interim committee hearing on Oct. 19 to address health care staffing challenges facing the state.      Of primary concern for several of the health officials that participated in the meeting was inadequate staff pay, the workforce pipeline, and regulatory roadblocks. ...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Sen. Tom Begich discusses health care in Alaska for 2022

| Oct 19, 2021 | Alaska

Senator Tom Begich (D-Anchorage) is the senate minority leader and also a member of the Senate Health and Social Services Committee for the state of Alaska.  Begich recently spoke with State of Reform about health care in 2021, and what he’s keeping his eye on for the next legislative session...[ Read More ]