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5 Things Washington: Post-ACA healthcare system, Inslee admin, Marcy Shimada

| Aug 8, 2017 | Washington

"I'm just happy to be here." It's part of a great scene from the 1988 movie "Bull Durham" normally intended as a meaningless cliche. But, after spending 6 hours on an 18" ledge, 50-feet above a surprise tide, I can tell you I'm just happy to be here.  Thanks to...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: Molina & Centene, Special session, Marjorie Petty

| Aug 3, 2017 | Texas

I think we're all suffering from a little bit of whiplash following events in DC the last few weeks. Luckily, health policy in Austin seems to be moving a little slower, at least in the House. From the special session to the individual market, here's what we're watching for Texas...[ Read More ]

5 Things Oregon: Executive moves, US Senate, CCO Metrics

| Jul 27, 2017 | Oregon

It's an amazing time to watch the US Senate. Votes continue today with a single payer amendment coming to the floor as I write. But, we've got our eye on a few other items in Oregon health care as well. Here are 5 Things We're Watching for Oregon health care...[ Read More ]

5 Things CA: US Senate, single payer, Micah Weinberg

| Jul 26, 2017 | California

I was reminded of Churchill while watching the vote in the US Senate. This is a quote of his about which many might agree:  "Now, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." The US...[ Read More ]

5 Things WA: US Senate, MultiCare, Merissa Clyde

| Jul 25, 2017 | Washington

Who knows how this day will end in DC, though it appears Republicans are falling into line for a vote for debate to begin in the Senate. That vote is happening now. Watch it here. That, and a few other important things are what we have our eye on in...[ Read More ]

5 Things AK: 1332 waiver, Sitka Community Hospital, Noel Rea

| Jul 25, 2017 | Alaska

Usually, summer in Alaska and in Washington DC is a slower time for health policy.  Nothing feels slow about health care today, however.  Among the many things, here are 5 Things We're Watching in Alaska health care for your review. As always, thanks for reading our stuff. 1.  Moving pieces...[ Read More ]