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With over 200,000 members added during the pandemic, Colorado Access is preparing to redetermine Medicaid enrollment

| Mar 15, 2023 | Colorado

Colorado Access, the largest regional accountable entity (RAE) in Colorado’s Medicaid program, is preparing to help members keep health insurance coverage in anticipation of the state’s disenrollment of Medicaid coverage in May. Starting April 1st, states are no longer required to continually cover enrollees regardless of eligibility changes and will...[ Read More ]

Texas health leaders provide update on preparations for Medicaid redeterminations, say concerns remain

| Mar 15, 2023 | Texas

Presenting on a panel at the 2023 Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference in Austin on Thursday, senior officials from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC), and Every Texan outlined the statewide coordination that was the start of Medicaid redeterminations...[ Read More ]

Utah Legislature amends child welfare placements to retain parental and relative visitation

| Mar 13, 2023 | Utah

The Utah Legislature passed an amendment on March 2nd requiring child welfare placements to preserve both the parent and child’s rights to maintain contact during state custody. Senate Bill 163 would allow visitation by any of the child’s family members, including siblings, and remove the primary permanency plan provision for...[ Read More ]

Texas House Republicans introduce measures to address healthcare access and workforce as bill filing period ends

| Mar 10, 2023 | Texas

The Texas Legislature marked its 60th day of the 2023 session on Friday, the last day for lawmakers to file bills. Legislators can now constitutionally move forward with actions on the bills after the filing period, and will have a record budget surplus to work with in doing so.   ...[ Read More ]

Colorado legislature considering bills to regulate PBM practices, improve access to prescription drugs

| Mar 10, 2023 | Colorado

A range of policies that would impact Colorado’s pharmacies are being considered by lawmakers this session, including measures aimed at regulating practices by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).      House Bills 1201 and 1227 aim to regulate and enforce laws against unethical practices by PBMs.  HB 1227 would give the...[ Read More ]

Lawsuit filed in Texas court against the state’s abortion ban seeks to clarify its ‘medical emergency’ exemption

| Mar 7, 2023 | Texas

On behalf of five patients and two obstetrician-gynecologists, the Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit in Texas District Court on Monday over the state’s abortion ban.     The lawsuit seeks to clarify the scope of the state’s “medical emergency” exemption for abortion by representing plaintiffs who were denied...[ Read More ]