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CA budget revision continues reform progress and recession-era cuts to health

| May 13, 2016 | California

Earlier today, Governor Jerry Brown released the May Revision to the proposed 2016-17 state budget, which continues California's commitments on health care and health reform, but also maintains the cuts made during the recession, and doesn't make investments needed to reduce barriers to coverage, increase access for Medi-Cal patients, or...[ Read More ]

CA Senate Health Committee will hear measure to protect consumers in health care mergers

| Apr 20, 2016 | California

Health plan mega-mergers are currently pending in California, including Aetna-Humana, which faces a CA Department of Insurance hearing next Wednesday, April 27 SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, Wednesday afternoon, the Senate Health Committee will hear SB 932 (Hernandez), a bill that ensures that mergers and consolidations in California’s health care marketplace...[ Read More ]

Consumer, labor, business, and health groups re-launch campaign to stop surprise billings

| Mar 21, 2016 | California

SACRAMENTO, CA—Today consumer advocates re-launched their efforts to prevent Californians from receiving surprise medical bills of hundreds or thousands of dollars. As part of a ramped-up campaign, Health Access California, the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition, announced that the California Labor Federation is now co-sponsoring their legislation to end...[ Read More ]

MCO tax passage a good start but 'there's more work to do'

| Mar 2, 2016 | California

Revamp was mostly to not lose federal funds and prevent new cuts; Added revenues needed to restore cuts & make needed investments in Medi-Cal; Voters to consider revenue-raising ballot measure like a tobacco tax this fall. California lawmakers voted Monday on a bipartisan basis to revamp the tax on managed...[ Read More ]

CA: Senate Health Committee passes cost transparency bills

| Apr 22, 2015 | California

Press Release CA Senate Health Committee passes SB26(Hernandez), to create a "California Health Care Cost and Quality Database."  CA Senate Health Committee also passes SB546(Leno), to extend rate review to large group coverage.  Sacramento, CA – Today, the California Senate Health Committee, chaired by Senator Ed Hernandez, passed key cost transparency...[ Read More ]