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Q&A: Sen. Deb Patterson on 2022 health committee bills

| Jan 25, 2022 | Oregon

Sen. Deb Patterson is the chair of Oregon’s Senate Committee on Health Care. Patterson is preparing for the upcoming legislative session, and spoke with State of Reform about bills her committee will be discussing and proposing in the coming session.     Aaron Kunkler: What are your health care priorities...[ Read More ]

FAIR Health releases COVID cost analysis

| Jan 24, 2022 | Washington

A new report from FAIR Health outlines costs associated with COVID-19 treatment, and the allowable amounts as well as patient populations.  In a state by state analysis of private health care claims from April 2020 to August 2021, New Jersey was the state with the highest average allowed amount for...[ Read More ]

WA dental therapists bill reintroduced

| Jan 24, 2022 | Washington

Washington lawmakers are again considering allowing dental therapists to operate statewide.  The legislation, HB 1885, is being sponsored by Rep. Eileen Cody and would allow the practice to expand in Washington. Dental therapists are mid-level providers that are licensed to perform some procedures like tooth cleaning, tooth reimplantation, and extractions....[ Read More ]

5 Slides We're Discussing: Bending the Rx Cost Curve

| Jan 20, 2022 | Federal

As new and promising medications are developed, they often come with significant cost. In this 5 Slides We're Discussing: Bending the Rx Cost Curve conversation, State of Reform's DJ Wilson tackles that subject with three subject matter experts. Joining State of Reform for the conversation were Annette Guarisco Fildes, president...[ Read More ]

Tobacco inspections, public health modernization discussed at CLHO meeting

| Jan 20, 2022 | Oregon

During a Jan. 20 meeting, the Conference of Local Health Officials met to discuss tobacco retail inspections and receive an update on modernizing public health.  The meeting was dominated by retail license compliance inspections, and the creation of a program that would allow counties to conduct their own instead of...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Rep. Geran Tarr on 2022 priorities

| Jan 19, 2022 | Alaska

Rep. Geran Tarr is a member of the Alaska House Poverty and Opportunity Task Force. In this Q&A, we spoke with her about her policy priorities in 2022, and discussed the proposed splitting of the Department of Health and Social Services.  Aaron Kunkler: What are your health care priorities in...[ Read More ]