We’re Hiring!

State of Reform has been growing lately – quite a bit, actually – and we’re ready to turn an important corner. Our plan for the next 6 months? It’s ambitious.

  • Hire “on-the-ground” reporters to cover Olympia, Salem and Juneau during the legislative session
  • Launch a 4th major conference, our Inland Northwest event
  • Maintain the three issues of “5 Things We’re Watching” in Washington State, Oregon, and Alaska
  • Launch an email subscription service for each of those three states called “What It Means” – perhaps the most in-depth state-level analysis of health care industry issues in the marketplace
  • Create an executive level job board across each of our markets
  • Complete filming on a health care documentary featuring innovations in culture, system redesign and care delivery, which is set to launch in 2015

So, we thought we might need a few more folks to help.

It starts with this Director of Sales position – someone tasked specifically with helping us launch the job board and the email subscription service.

The revenue from these lines of service will allow us to hire the on-the-ground team across three states to cover legislative affairs.

It’s part of a comprehensive strategy to build the leading information resource for the health care sector, across all sectors of the health care discussion.

Want to join us?