Why We Host The State of Reform Health Policy Conferences


The goal of the State of Reform Health Policy Conferences are to provide a framework for the discussion of the most pressing challenges facing health care today, by the most diverse audience of health care professionals possible.

We engage all parts of the health care spectrum – from delivery to legislation, from payment to workforce development.

We do so in order to attempt to bridge the gap between the world of medicine with the world of legislation – two worlds that would prefer to not spend much time together, frankly, but which more than ever need to learn how to better understand one another.

So in short, State of Reform conferences focus on bridging the gap between the health care marketplace and health care policy.

Too often, those with good ideas for reforming health care don’t have a solid grasp of how the legislative process works.  Those who understand politics don’t always have a very deep grasp of the intricacies of the health care system.

And altogether too often these two worlds are not particularly excited about working with or engaging with one another.

So, professional networking, market intelligence, and policy discussions are central to our considerations about structure and content. Since our first conference in 2011, we’ve hosted fourteen more conferences in four locations, with each conference drawing hundreds of the most influential voices in health care policy and administration.

Want to join us?  If so, drop us a line and let us know you’re interested.