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5 Things We’re Watching is our regularly distributed market and policy intelligence newsletter. Each newsletter includes five items of relevance specific to your market. Enjoy links to original source documentation, thoughtful coverage from other outlets, and independent reporting from State of Reform.

5 Things Virginia: Q&A w/ Jennifer Faison, State public option, Health equity

| Sep 22, 2021 | Virginia

Fall is here. That means football, a little more rain, and elections. Polling in the governor's race appears to show a steady lead of 3 to 4 points for McAullife. Youngkin will need to pull some more votes from the Southern Coastal region where he leads with 55%, according to...[ Read More ]

5 Things Virginia: Health in the special session budget, 4th wave, Maternal health

| Aug 18, 2021 | Virginia

It's an odd time in COVID. Public opinion has turned gloomy, with Gallup reporting that more people are pessimistic about the future of COVID and getting the disease than are optimistic. That's the first time since January that more folks are worried than hopeful. Moreover, 1 in 3 vaccinated individuals are...[ Read More ]

5 Things Virginia: Special session, HCBS spending plan, Kathy Tran

| Jul 29, 2021 | Virginia

Thanks to the team for covering things while I stepped out on vacation. Our managing editor, Emily Boerger, leads a team of reporters covering health care in Virginia and 14 other states. You'll see Nicole Pasia's byline all over our Virginia coverage as she's our reporter tracking activity with me...[ Read More ]

5 Things Virginia: Q&A w/Dr. Aplasca, Mental health interim meeting, Health policy platforms

| Jun 16, 2021 | Virginia

While DJ is out of office, I’ll be bringing you this edition of 5 Things We’re Watching. I’m the managing editor here at State of Reform where I have my eye on health care and health policy in Virginia and a number of other states. Feel free to email me any feedback...[ Read More ]

5 Things Virginia: Update from DMAS, Federal health agenda, Behavioral health

| May 13, 2021 | Virginia

If you were not one of the almost 300 folks with us at State of Reform two weeks ago, you can see some of the highlights from the event for a sense of what you missed. There was quite a bit of news made in both breakout sessions and the keynotes. Some...[ Read More ]

5 Things Virginia: Capitol insiders, How COVID has changed us, Plan-provider relations

| Apr 20, 2021 | Virginia

Next week is our 2021 Virginia State of Reform Health Policy Conference with more than 60 speakers curated for you. These are some of the most important leaders in Virginia health care and health policy. This newsletter features things that we think are important to watch. And, our Convening Panel has told...[ Read More ]

5 Things Virginia: Health policy roundup, Topical Agenda, Q&A w/Dr. Christina Stasiuk

| Mar 16, 2021 | Virginia

We are getting closer to our 2021 Virginia State of Reform Health Policy Conference coming up late next month. With more than 60 speakers curated for you across our Topical Agenda, you'll find some of the smartest, most thoughtful and well connected Virginians on the agenda for this virtual event. On...[ Read More ]

5 Things Virginia: Q&A w/Karen Kimsey, Drug pricing bill, "Chronic COVID"

| Feb 18, 2021 | Virginia

We are building towards our 2021 Virginia State of Reform Health Policy Conference coming up on April 29th. We release our Topical Agenda in two weeks so you can see what we have teed up for you after the session is done and put to bed. Early Bird registration ends in...[ Read More ]

5 Things Virginia: Q&A w/Sen. Barbara Favola, Health policy update, Convening Panel

| Jan 20, 2021 | Virginia

This is our second edition of our new newsletter focused on five things we are watching at the intersection of health care and health policy in Virginia. Thanks for allowing us to land in your inbox and giving us a look. If we aren't for you, then you can always...[ Read More ]

5 Things Virginia: Northam budget, 2021 session, COVID projections

| Dec 18, 2020 | Virginia

In health care and health policy, we have five things lined up for you that we think are worth watching. Not everything is as hopeful as my holiday cheer, but we think these are five things that Virginia's senior health care executives and health policy leaders should track as 2020...[ Read More ]