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5 Things We’re Watching is our regularly distributed market and policy intelligence newsletter. Each newsletter includes five items of relevance specific to your market. Enjoy links to original source documentation, thoughtful coverage from other outlets, and independent reporting from State of Reform.

5 Things Texas: Life expectancy by zip, Ryan Mooney, #TribFest19

| Oct 4, 2019 | Texas

So far in 2019, we've have published 704 independent stories at State of Reform, where we cover health policy and health care in nine states in the west.  In Texas, our team has authored or posted 58 stories on Texas health care and health policy. All of our journalism is funded...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: Breakfast conversations, ACA reforms, maternal health

| Sep 10, 2019 | Texas

Because the topics that we feature in this newsletter every month are some of the most pressing, most important topics in Texas health care, you can expect those same topics to be teed up on our agenda at the 2019 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference... So, to connect...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: Price transparency, mental health, "Keynote Conversations"

| Aug 6, 2019 | Texas

We are five weeks away from the 2019 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference, and we're rounding the corner to the home stretch! If you haven't had a chance to review the Topical Agenda, take a look as the content areas continue to evolve based on stakeholder input. Registration...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: Q&A Episcopal Health, Topical Agenda, Jason Gootee

Emily Viles | Jul 3, 2019 | Texas

DJ is taking a well-deserved vacation with his family, so while he is away I’m bringing you this edition of 5 Things We’re Watching. I cover health care policy in Texas along with a number of other states that round out our Southwest Edition. Feel free to email me any feedback...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: Sen. Nathan Johnson, Budget riders, Univ of Houston

| Jun 6, 2019 | Texas

We hosted our Convening Panel this week for our 2019 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference coming up in September. I will tell you it was a very enthusiastic group, with lots of candid input. We'll have our Topical Agenda out for everyone to review in a few weeks. Until...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: HHSC budgets, Dianne Longley, MCO accountability

| May 8, 2019 | Texas

With luck, we are nearing the home stretch for the 2019 legislative session. It's one that saw more progress on health policy than some might have thought when we convened our Austin event in February. With the session almost done, and as we plan for our Dallas event in September, I'm sure we'll still...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: House budget, opioid bills, Michael Keyes

| Apr 3, 2019 | Texas

We have rounded the corner of the 2019 legislative session.  Today is day 86 of the 140 day session, and we have a House budget to dig into!  So, it feels like progress is getting made as House and Senate leaders align their work. This is our list of 5...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: Balance billing, Rep. Tom Oliverson, MCO reform

| Mar 6, 2019 | Texas

The session is really now in full swing, with some important health care legislation introduced recently, including some MCO reform legislation we've been waiting to see released.  So, we have a lot for you on the 2019 legislative session in our March edition of 5 Thing We're Watching in Texas...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas:  Rep. Lina Ortega, What You Missed, Deputy AG Ryan Bangert

| Feb 13, 2019 | Texas

Thank you to the almost 350 senior health care executives and health policy leaders who joined us at our 2019 Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference!  It was a great event, and one of the most diverse convenings of senior health care leaders in Texas. We're already beginning to...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: Capitol Insiders, Medicaid managed care, Behavioral Health

| Jan 11, 2019 | Texas

Our 2019 Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference will be here on February 5th, 2019 - now less than four weeks away!  If you missed the release of our Detailed Agenda, you can check out the list of speakers we have curated for this year's event right here. Because our conference consists...[ Read More ]