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Northern California - Virtual, April 22, 2021

5 Things We’re Watching is our regularly distributed market and policy intelligence newsletter. Each newsletter includes five items of relevance specific to your market. Enjoy links to original source documentation, thoughtful coverage from other outlets, and independent reporting from State of Reform.

5 Things Utah: Q&A w/Mikelle Moore, Update from DOH, Telehealth & the digital divide

| Mar 16, 2021 | Utah

We are now a month out from our 2021 Utah State of Reform Health Policy Conference. Our early registration has been stronger this year than in previous years, a trend I expect will pick up this week. On Thursday, we release our full Detailed Agenda for this year's conference. It's a...[ Read More ]

5 Things NC: COVID relief bill, ACA subsidy expansion, Q&A w/Dr. Rajesh Davda

| Mar 10, 2021 | North Carolina

Welcome to our inaugural edition of 5 Things We're Watching in North Carolina health care and health policy. Our goal is to provide a unique level of coverage on five items we think are worth tracking for senior health care executives and health policy leaders. Our goal is to provide...[ Read More ]

5 Things Washington: Policy cutoff, Bending the Rx cost curve, Capital gains tax

| Mar 9, 2021 | Washington

Thursday, we release our Detailed Agenda for our first national-level conference, the 2021 State of Reform Federal Health Policy Conference. You'll see names from inside the beltway, as well as some of the most prominent thought leaders from states across the country. We've teed up some of the best stories...[ Read More ]

5 Things Colorado: Public option pushback, Vaccine disparities, Health policy on the move

| Mar 9, 2021 | Colorado

The goal of this newsletter is to provide our readers with a unique market and policy briefing of some of the most important topics in Colorado health care and health policy. If you find one of two items in this free newsletter helpful, we would appreciate you sharing this with...[ Read More ]

5 Things Oregon: Q&A w/Jeremy Vandehey, Suicide prevention bills, ACA subsidy expansion

| Mar 9, 2021 | Oregon

This autumn, we mark our 10th anniversary of hosting our Oregon State of Reform conference and covering health policy in the state. It's been because of the support from some diverse and unique organizations over the years, like FamilyCare and CareOregon, Regence and PacificSource, PH Tech and Kaiser, HMA and...[ Read More ]

5 Things Maryland: Overdose deaths, ACA subsidy expansion, Vaccine equity

| Mar 9, 2021 | Maryland

I know it can be a little confusing hearing from me about two conferences we have coming up -- one focused on Maryland health policy on May 13th and a federal conference coming up on April 7-8th. We are going to try to keep information about the Maryland event in your inbox on...[ Read More ]

5 Things Illinois: Hospital priorities, Vaccine disparities, Telehealth bills

| Mar 9, 2021 | Illinois

Welcome to our first edition of our market and policy intelligence newsletter for Illinois's health care sector. This is a run down of five things we think are worth tracking if you're a senior market executive or health policy leader in Illinois. I don't expect everything on this list will...[ Read More ]

5 Things Michigan: MDHHS budget priorities, 15-point health proposal, Vaccine disparities

| Mar 4, 2021 | Michigan

Next week, we hold our Convening Panel meeting ahead of our 2021 Michigan State of Reform Health Policy Conference. This is the group that kicks off our agenda setting process ahead of this year's event. We'll release the list of participants after our meeting to show you everyone contributing to this...[ Read More ]

5 Things Hawaii: Q&A w/Lance Segawa, Policy cutoff, People on the move

| Mar 3, 2021 | Hawaii

We are holding our first conference focused on federal policy and a multi-state "learning lab" featuring innovations from across the country. Hawaii's success will be one of our case studies to teach the nation. We purposely made our conference hours late in the day Washington DC time, so that we could...[ Read More ]

5 Things California: State HIE options, Topical Agenda, ACA subsidy expansion

| Mar 3, 2021 | California

We have two great conferences coming up for you: one focused on federal policy and the Biden administration, and one focused on the unique challenges in Northern California health care. And, both are referenced below in our 5 Things We're Watching in California health care for the beginning of March, 2021.      ...[ Read More ]