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5 Things We’re Watching is our regularly distributed market and policy intelligence newsletter. Each newsletter includes five items of relevance specific to your market. Enjoy links to original source documentation, thoughtful coverage from other outlets, and independent reporting from State of Reform.

5 Things Florida: Q&A w/ Dr. Rob Darzynkiewicz, Medicaid funding forecast, Abortion legislation

| Sep 7, 2021 | Florida

Now that all of Florida's kids have been back in school for about a month, it appears that the incidence of COVID in kids 12 and younger may exceed that of all adults in the state. Cases among kids seem to be surging, offsetting the now pretty significant decline among adults....[ Read More ]

5 Things Florida: HCBS spending plan, Erica Floyd-Thomas, Behavioral health funding

| Aug 9, 2021 | Florida

It’s an odd time in COVID. Public opinion has turned gloomy, with Gallup reporting that more people are pessimistic about the future of COVID and getting the disease than are optimistic. That’s the first time since January that more folks are worried than hopeful. Moreover, 1 in 3 vaccinated individuals are...[ Read More ]

5 Things Florida: Medicaid flexibilities ending, Q&A w/Alison Yager, Suicide Task Force

| Jul 8, 2021 | Florida

While DJ is out trying to get in a well-deserved vacation, I’ll be bringing you this edition of 5 Things We’re Watching. I’m the managing editor here at State of Reform where I have my eye on health care and health policy in Florida and a number of other states....[ Read More ]

5 Things Florida: Value-based care, Health in the budget, Overdoses on the rise

| Jun 9, 2021 | Florida

This may be the calm before the storm. Thursday is the last published day on the US Supreme Court calendar to release opinions from its current term (though they have a few more weeks for orders). It's a term that saw a meaningful challenge to the ACA last November. It...[ Read More ]

5 Things Florida: Capitol insiders, Value-based care, Innovations in telehealth

| May 6, 2021 | Florida

We are excited to host a few hundred of our closest friends in Florida health care in two weeks at our 2021 Florida State of Reform Health Policy Conference on May 20th! And, because the topics are some of the most pressing issues in Florida health care today, we thought it...[ Read More ]

5 Things Florida: Medicaid cuts, Topical Agenda, PBM reform

| Apr 6, 2021 | Florida

My Gonzaga Bulldogs were outplayed last night in the NCAA Men's College Basketball National Championship. Congrats to my neighbor, a Baylor grad, and the rest of the Baylor Bears for a well earned victory. Gonzaga has been on an incredible run. They have made the NCAA post-season tournament every years...[ Read More ]

5 Things Florida: Q&A w/Rep. Duran, Health bills teed up for session, "Chronic COVID"

| Mar 2, 2021 | Florida

Later today, we hold our Convening Panel ahead of our 2021 Florida State of Reform Health Policy Conference. Our Convening Panel members will help think through and build our agenda for this year's event. We'll have more for you on this May 20th conference in the next week or so. Our...[ Read More ]

5 Things Florida: New legislation, Budget proposal, Race and health equity

| Feb 2, 2021 | Florida

This monthly newsletter, and indeed all of our reporting on Florida health care, is funded by the success of our annual conference. This year's virtual event, the 2021 Florida State of Reform Health Policy Conference, is coming up on May 20th. In the next few weeks, our Convening Panel will...[ Read More ]

5 Things Florida: 2021 legislation, Vaccine rollout, Medicaid enrollment

| Jan 7, 2021 | Florida

Welcome to our inaugural edition of 5 Things We're Watching in Florida health care and health policy. These are topics we think are worth keeping an eye on for senior health care executives and health policy leaders. I hope you'll find some value in this. I'd welcome any feedback you...[ Read More ]