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5 Things We’re Watching is our regularly distributed market and policy intelligence newsletter. Each newsletter includes five items of relevance specific to your market. Enjoy links to original source documentation, thoughtful coverage from other outlets, and independent reporting from State of Reform.

5 Things Arizona: Competitive Contract Expansion, Rep. Lorenzo Sierra, Hospital transparency

| Aug 25, 2021 | Arizona

Projections for Arizona show that COVID may not be as bad this fall and winter as it was last year when Arizona had one of the worst levels of the virus in the US. While overall vaccination rates are still low in Arizona relative to other states, estimates are that 30%...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Christ's departure, Banner vaccine mandate, COVID response RFP

| Jul 29, 2021 | Arizona

Thanks to my team for holding things together during some much needed vacation for me and my family. Emily Boerger, our managing editor, leads a team of folks covering Arizona health policy who all filled in ably. You'll see many of their bylines mentioned or linked to in this month's...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Waiver amendment, ACA decision, Cara Christ keynote

| Jun 17, 2021 | Arizona

While DJ is out of office, I’ll be bringing you this edition of 5 Things We’re Watching. I’m the managing editor here at State of Reform where I have my eye on health care in Arizona and a number of other states. In this edition of 5 Things, we bring...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, Four corner discussion, Dr. Cara Christ

| May 19, 2021 | Arizona

We are now less than one week out from our annual State of Reform event. This year, we have a US Senator, a "four corner" conversation with legislative leaders, and some of the most thoughtful voices from Arizona health care you'll find gathered in one (albeit virtual) place. We'd love...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Tension in the Legislature, Update from AHCCCS, COVID-19's impact on kids

| Apr 27, 2021 | Arizona

This Thursday, we will release our list of about 60 speakers we've curated for you at our 2021 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference on May 25th. The virtual event convenes about 250 folks from across Arizona's health care and health policy communities in one place, engaging across a range...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Policy cutoff, Q&A w/Sen. Bowie, Convening Panel

| Mar 25, 2021 | Arizona

This newsletter tries to feature five of the more interesting things happening this month in Arizona health care. Our content is written for the same kind of senior health care executives and health policy leaders that we expect to be with us on May 25th at our annual policy conference....[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Q&A w/Rep. Cobb, ACA subsidy expansion, "Chronic COVID"

| Feb 24, 2021 | Arizona

Traditionally, our annual State of Reform conference is in May. Last year, because of COVID, we postponed the event into the fall. But this year, we're getting things back on track. So our 2021 Arizona State of Reform Health Policy Conference will be held May 25th this year. I think we...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Q&A with Will Humble, Budget proposal, Health policy update

| Jan 28, 2021 | Arizona

I just finished pulling the data on item 4 below. It's always a downer to see the hard data that is self-reported and to look at the objective numbers of the state of our economy. It has been one year and 2 days since the first COVID case was found in Arizona....[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Legislators talk 2021, Future of AZ health care, Budget considerations

| Dec 29, 2020 | Arizona

It wasn't entirely clear back in March when the economy shut down, that we would still be with you come the end of the year. For an outlet funded through conference revenue, rather than ads and impression counts, your support, engagement, and reading has made all of the difference for...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Legislative leadership, Capitol insiders, Social determinants of health

| Nov 23, 2020 | Arizona

All of the sessions at State of Reform next week will be available on demand for at least 30 days. So, if you miss us next Thursday, you can come back to join us through the end of the year. We feature a few of them in this month's newsletter. Above...[ Read More ]