5 Things California: Capitol insiders, Alex Briscoe, 2020 elections

Tomorrow, we host our virtual event for the 2020 Northern California State of Reform Virtual Health Policy Conference! We have a good crowd of more than 350 attendees signed up from across the California health policy ecosystem. We also have a number of national figures joining as both speakers and registrants.

So, we’re featuring some of the sessions you’ll see tomorrow along with some of the speakers we have teed up for you. And, if you haven’t signed up yet, we’d be honored to get you in the mix with us!





With help from Emily Boerger

1. Keynote: One on One Conversations

We are very much looking forward to our Afternoon Keynote session at the 2020 NorCal State of Reform Virtual Conference where we tee up “One on One” with two of California’s most thoughtful health care leaders. Alex Briscoe, Principal of the California Children’s Trust, will join me to talk about the mental health crisis facing our kids and teenagers during this time of COVID. As Alex will point out, this crisis didn’t start with COVID, but it’s gotten worse. And, California has a uniquely wide open opportunity to do something about it.

We’ll also hear from Barsam Kasravi, President and CEO of Anthem California Medicaid. Barsam leads one of the country’s larger state Medicaid plans, managing lives across a wide range of demography and geography in California. We’ll hear from him about managing through COVID, about planning for a re-procurement, and about where he sees the California health care sector heading in the months ahead.

2. Capitol insiders discuss health policy

One of the most popular sessions we host every year features political insiders who share their thoughts on health policy. This session will feature some of Sacramento’s leading government affairs professionals who will talk through the legislative session and where both policy and fiscal conversations are heading.

This year we’ve lined up Teresa Stark, Senior Director, State Government Relations at Kaiser Permanente, Nick Louizos, Vice President, Legislative Affairs at the California Association of Health Plans, and Linda Tenerowicz, Senior Policy Advocate at the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network. Be sure to bring your questions, as well as your own insights, to a session that is particularly interactive and forward thinking.

3. Integrating the social determinants into a sustainable model

It’s clear today that social determinants are important to one’s health status, but it’s not entirely clear what the delivery system might do with that knowledge. This session will explore where the health care sector and the social determinants intersect into a sustainable business model for the future.

Speaking on our “Integrating the social determinants into a sustainable model” panel is RJ Briscione, Senior Director, SDOH Strategy & Execution at Aetna, Paul LaBrec, Director, Research at 3M Health Information Systems, and Natalie Caples, Chief Executive Officer of the Central California Food Bank.


4. The impact of business voices in health policy

One of the key difference makers in the politics of the ACA’s final passage was the active support of some key business groups. Today, in 2020, some of those business groups are looking to re-engage in the health care conversation, hoping to drive towards resolution at both a national and state level.

Our “The emerging impact of business voices in health policy” panel at the 2020 NorCal State of Reform Virtual Conference will feature a discussion with key business voices to better understand how this new activism might play out. You’ll hear from Bill Kramer, Executive Director of National Health Policy at Pacific Business Group on Health, Ken Stuart, Chairman, Board of Directors of the California Health Care Coalition, and Kat Wortham, Senior Associate of Health & Housing Policy at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.


5. Implications of the 2020 elections

The 2020 elections could shape up to be one of the most consequential elections in generations. With redistricting looming, the winners in 2020 will reshape state and federal politics for a decade, or more. So, what will that mean for health policy? What will be the lasting implications into the next administration?

Our panel of experts will take up these questions, and yours, during the conference on Tuesday. This panel will feature Scott Nelson, Partner at K&L Gates, Jim Gross, Partner at Nielsen Merksamer, and Paul Dioguardi, Senior Vice President at Forbes-Tate Partners. Scott was a lead figure in the Supreme Court case on premium supports. Paul was a senior leader in the Obama administration implementing the ACA. And there is probably no one I respect more in California legislative politics and policy than Jim Gross. So, this will be a standout panel for you.