5 Things Texas: Population Health, US Rep. Michael Burgess, Total cost of care

We are excited to see between 300-400 of you at our upcoming 2020 Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference next month! It is shaping up to be a tremendous event, with both state and federal leaders joining us from across the spectrum of health policy.

So, for this month’s newsletter, we are featuring some of the key sessions and speakers lined up for State of Reform on Feb. 4th. Take a look!





1. US Rep. Michael Burgess, MD, to keynote State of Reform

Rep. Burgess is one of the House Republicans’ more senior legislators on health policy. He is the Ranking Member and former Chair of the Subcommittee on Health in the important House Energy and Commerce Committee. He’s also one of only seven physicians currently serving in the US House.

He will join us at the 2020 Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference as our morning keynote speaker. In “A Conversation on US Health Policy,” we’ll hear from Dr. Burgess and his thoughts on where federal health policy may be heading. We’ll also discuss the uncertain politics in Washington DC these days.

2.  Surveying population health

The nature of population health in Texas is evolving. From hospitals to CHCs, from DSRIP to value-based funding models, a cohort-specific approach to delivering care is becoming a useful tool to manage populations across a range of complexities.

In this panel, we’ll hear from Iliana Gilman of HMA, Karim Kaissi of CareMore, and Kathy Lee of Coryell Memorial Hospital. Each will speak to the common topic, but will bring their unique perspectives from three diverse silo experiences.


3. Putting the SDOH in a business model

Mainstream awareness of the importance of the social determinants on one’s health is high. However, there are still few regulatorily accepted options to pay for services that address SDOH within the traditional health care sector. This panel will discuss where the opportunities to impact the social determinants exist and how business models can adapt to address them.

We’ll hear from Kay Ghahremani of the Texas Association of Community Health Plans and Mini Khalon, Vice Dean for the Health Ecosystem at Dell Medical School. They’ll be joined by Michael Petersen of Accenture. Together, they will talk through what we know about the social determinants and how that knowledge can be integrated into a sustainable P&L.


4. Tracking CMS rule making activity

CMS has proven to be one of the most dynamic forces in US health policy during the Trump administration. While policy making in Congress has been stilted, CMS continues to push ahead with meaningful reforms ranging from price transparency to Medicaid financing through IGTs.

Two of Texas’s smartest observers of CMS will join State of Reform to talk through what CMS has been up to and what we can expect in 2020. Frank McStay, Senior Policy Advisor at Baylor Scott and White will be joined by Jamie Whitney, General Counsel at AHCV as they take the mic on the topic

5. A review of the total cost of care

The new House Select Committee on Statewide Health Care Costs has captured a good deal of interest. While no meetings have yet been set, the topic is likely to command attention during the 2020 interim. So, we’re featuring two voices to help inform the discussion on costs.

Rep. Garnet Coleman, Democrat from Houston, will join Gordon Moore, MD, Senior Medical Director from 3M, for a conversation on health care costs. We’ve also invited Don Langer from UnitedHealthcare and Geronimo Rodriguez from Ascension Health to round out the session.