5 Things Oregon: Salem insiders, Lessons from CCO 1.0, “One on One Conversations”

Next week, we hold our 2019 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference, one of the state’s largest, most important health care and health policy events on the calendar.  We’ll have almost 400 folks in the room at the Hilton downtown, but it won’t be quite the same without you! So, be sure to register.

Because the topics we’re watching in this newsletter are often the topics featured at our annual conference, this month we feature some of the panels you’ll see teed up for you on our Topical Agenda for next week.  I hope we’ll see you there!



With help from Emily Boerger

1. One on one conversations over lunch

Our lunch keynote at the 2019 Oregon State of Reform Conference will feature four of Oregon’s most interesting and thoughtful health care and health policy leaders. We’ll talk through their approach to health reform from each of four disparate perspectives. The conversations will be informal, fast-paced discussions about the state of health care reform in Oregon.

During these “One on One Conversations,” we’ll hear from Eric Hunter, Chief Executive Officer at CareOregon, and Sen. James Manning, Chair of the Joint Task Force on Universal Health Care. I’ll also speak with Janet Meyer, Principal at Health Management Associates, and Pat Allen, Director of the Oregon Health Authority.

2. Voices from the legislature

We are excited to bring together legislators from both sides of the aisle to talk about health policy, fiscal realities, and priorities for 2020 at our conference next week. Joining us on our “Policy Vision: Republicans” panel is Sen. Denyc Boles, Vice Chair of the Senate Interim Committee on Mental Health, Rep. Cedric Hayden, Vice Chair of the House Interim Committee on Health Care, and Rep. Ron Noble, Vice Chair of the House Interim Committee on Human Services and Housing.

For our Democratic policy vision panel, we’ll hear from Sen. Arnie Roblan, Chair of the Senate Interim Committee on Mental Health, Rep. Andrea Salinas, Chair of the House Interim Committee on Health Care, and Rep. Marty Wilde who is a member of the Joint Task Force on Universal Health Care.


3. Drawing lessons from CCO 1.0

While much of Oregon Medicaid is focused on CCO 2.0, it seems like it’s a good time to reflect on some of the lessons learned from the first phase of delivery transformation. Our panel of experts will speak to the successes and setbacks of CCOs from 2012 to 2019 in the “Drawing Lessons from CCO 1.0” session on Nov. 12.

Bill Murray, Chief Operating Officer at FamilyCare Inc., Lindsey Hopper, VP of Medicaid Programs at PacificSource, and Chuck Hofmann, MD, Clinical Consultant for Eastern Oregon CCO will offer their insights on this panel. They will be joined by Ashlen Strong, Senior Consultant at Health Management Associates, who will moderate the conversation.

4.  Next steps on mental health integration

Despite so much work being done on mental health integration, it’s a lingering issue where there is a tremendous amount of work left to do. So, we’ve pulled together three of the most thoughtful leaders in this space to discuss how the system can move forward on integrating mental and physical health.

Plan to hear from Greg Brigham, PhD, CEO of ADAPT Oregon, Julie Magers, President of Oregon Family Workforce Association, and Travis Jackson, Vice President at Beacon Health Options. HMA Principal Jeanene Smith, MD, will moderate the panel.

5. Salem insiders talk shop

One of the most popular sessions we host every year features lobbyists from Salem who share their thoughts on health policy. They usually tell it like it is, explaining why you’ll be reading some headlines and not others during the session next year.

This year, we’ve lined up three of the most thoughtful players in the advocacy space:  Mike Becker of PacificSource, Sean Kolmer of OAHHS, and Anne Bryant at Physicians Insurance. All three have their finger on the pulse of Oregon health policy, making this a really good conversation to sit in on.