5 Things Texas: Breakfast conversations, ACA reforms, maternal health

Because the topics that we feature in this newsletter every month are some of the most pressing, most important topics in Texas health care, you can expect those same topics to be teed up on our agenda at the 2019 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference

So, to connect those dots more intentionally, in this newsletter, we feature some of the sessions you’ll see next week if you’re one of the  250 senior health care executives and health policy leaders with us in Irving…  We’d be honored to have you!

With help from Emily Viles


1. One-on-one conversations over breakfast

The 2019 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference is less than a week away! Our Morning Keynote session will feature three of DFW’s most thoughtful leaders. We’ll talk through their approach to health reform from each of three disparate perspectives. The conversations will be informal, fast paced discussions about the state of health care reform in 2019.

To start the conference, we will hear from Fred Cerise CEO of Parkland Health and Hospital System, Fred Schuster,  Regional Director of the US Department of HHS Region VI, and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. It’s as diverse a set of perspectives as the conference agenda and audience overall…

2. New era of health care, new workforce demands

We know that the demands in the health care system of the future will require a different workforce than the one of the last generation. It will also simply take more folks in the workforce as our population grows.

So, our panel on the subject next week will discuss the implications of these shifts and strategies to address the challenge. Joining the conversation is Tamara EadesPresident-elect of the Texas Nurses Association, Kathleen Manella, Associate Professor and Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, and Laurie Bouillion Larrea, President of Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas.

3. Where is Texas health care heading?

Our Executive Lunch Keynote Panel will discuss the future of Texas health care, and touch upon a number of topics. The panel features a moderated conversation with some of the most impactful, thoughtful leaders in Texas health care and health policy.

Plan to hear from Senator Nathan Johnson, Former HHSC Commissioner Charles Smith, and Hall Render Attorney Christian Puff, each as they talk through where the future of Texas health care is heading. W. Stephen Love, CEO of the Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council, will moderate the conversation, which will be a ‘can’t miss’ segment at the conference.


4. Maternal and child health care demands

The health status of Texas’s mothers and children is poor, with a continued lack of clarity about why that is the case. Yet, work is underway to improve these outcomeswith meaningful progress on both infrastructure and results. Our breakout session on the topic will discuss what we know, and what we’re learning about improving a difficult situation.

On this panel, we will hear from Arielle Kane, Director of Health Care at the Washington DC-based Progressive Policy Institute, Jill McLeigh, Director of Policy, Advocacy and Research at Rees-Jones Center for Foster Care Excellence at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, and Michele Rountree Founder of Black Mamas ATX.

5. Building on the foundation of the ACA

With Congressional Republicans unable to “repeal and replace” it, the ACA will be the framework upon which reform continues to build in the US. From extending benefits to new mothers to pulling down funds in the waiver, this session will discuss what is possible within the current policy context.

Janie Bordner, President and CEO of the Community Council of Greater Dallas, Ruby Blum, Health Policy Advisor in the Office of the County Judge, Dallas County,  and Stacey Pogue, Senior Policy Analyst on the Health and Wellness Team at the Center for Public Policy Priorities join the conversation during an afternoon breakout session.