5 Things Hawaii: Mike & Ray, Plan & Providers, Capitol insiders

Our team at State of Reform is looking forward to hosting about 300 of Hawaii’s senior health care executives and policy leaders in two weeks at the 2019 Hawaii State of Reform Health Policy Conference!  And, because the things we are watching all year in Hawaii health care become manifest in the conversations that you’ll see at State of Reform, we thought we’d feature a few of the keynotes and breakout sessions lined up for you on January 15th!

If you haven’t registered yet, we’d be very much honored to have you with us.  I hope to see you on the 15th!  And, a big mahalo to all of you for your support in 2018 – and a 2019 filled with even more health and goodwill!


DJ 5 Things SignatureWith help from Emily Boerger.



1. Mike Stollar at HMSA and Ray Vara of HPH

Last year at State of Reform, we hosted Mike Stollar and Ray Vara for a podcast interview where we talked about their leadership styles and the collaboration their two agencies are fostering.  Ray is the President and CEO of Hawaii Pacific Health.  Mike is the President and CEO of HMSA.

The session was a hit – so much so that our Convening Panel suggested we bring it back and make it into a plenary session. So, we’ve teed them up for our lunchtime Executive Keynote Panel where the two of them will offer their thoughts on leadership during this time of market and policy challenges.


2.  The economy’s impact on health in Hawaii

There is a lot of talk about the impact the health care sector has on Hawaii’s economy.  But, what about the impact the economy has on the health of Hawaii’s people?  We have a session at State of Reform that will take up this question, and connect it to the policy deliberations teed up for the 2019 legislative session.

Sen. Roz Baker chairs the Senate Committee on Commerce, Consumer Protection and Health. She will speak to the topic and be joined by Beth Giesting of the Hawaii Budget and Policy Center. They’ll explore what we know about the ways in which Hawaii’s economy both supports and undermines the individual health status of the state’s residents.  Paul Brubaker from the Bank of Hawaii is invited to join them to offer his take from a financial perspective, as well.

3. Capital insiders discuss the 2019 legislative session

If you want to know where the upcoming legislative session is going, learn about it firsthand from some of the capital insiders that will be making it happen. On January 15, our “Capital Insiders Discuss the 2019 Legislative Session” panel will feature Melissa Pavlicek, President of Hawaii Public Policy Advocates, Blake Oshiro, Executive Vice President at Capitol Consultants of Hawaii, and Hawaii Advocates President Bob Toyofuku.

This session will take a look at some of the compelling issues and legislation we will see in 2019 and describe the conversation surrounding key policy debates. Be sure to bring your questions as these insiders will tell you what they really think will happen and what to expect in the halls of the capitol this year.

4.  An update on the Medicaid waiver

With approval from CMS, and a Medicaid re-procurement likely on the horizon, the session, “An Update on the Medicaid Waiver,” will update attendees on how the waiver and its implications are unfolding in Hawaii.

Joining us for this panel is Med-QUEST Administrator Judy Mohr Peterson, PhD, who has done extensive work on Hawaii’s 1115 waiver application and is among the more innovative forces in Hawaii’s health care system. So come join us on the 15th to learn about the future of Med-QUEST in Hawaii, and where Medicaid is heading in 2019.


5.  The strategic evolution of plan-provider relationships

The success and quality of the financing and delivery of health care depends in large part on the success and quality of the relationship between a health plan and a care provider. It’s an element that is “baked into” the health care system, but one that is seldom discussed openly and transparently, given the role contracts play in the dynamic.

This session will bring some of that into the open, featuring the changes, challenges and steps forward in an often complex arrangement. David Heywood is the President of United Healthcare C&S in Hawaii.  He’ll be joined by Harold Wallace, CEO of the Bay Clinic/AHARO, and Winne Suen, MD, the CMO at Queen’s Clinically Integrated Physician Network. They’ll talk through the implications of changes to plan-provider relationships, and point to the lessons learned from new collaborations.