5 Things California: 2018 elections, single-payer conversation, Sen. Ed Hernandez

We have been busy putting the final touches on our Los Angeles State of Reform Conference set for September 19th. With the biggest names in California health care and insightful, relevant panel topics, this is set to be the most informative gathering in health policy of the year!

There is still space left, so I invite you to register here and join us before prices go up on September 14th! Here is 5 Things We’re Watching.

Marjie High
State of Reform


1.  Impact of 2018 elections on health policy

This session really could be a keynote panel. Sen. Holly Mitchell and Asm. Wendy Carrillo will join us for this breakout session exploring the 2018 midterms and how they may impact California health policy in the years to come. Both legislators serve on the health committee in their respective chambers.

They’ll be joined by two California health policy heavyweights: Gary Cohen of Blue Shield of California, and Walter Zelman of Cal State Univ at Los Angeles. Zelman will moderate the session, posing questions that connect state with federal policy, and what we might expect from California’s next governor.


2. The evolution of plan-provider relations

At 10:30am, our Los Angeles conference features a conversation with three experts on the evolution of plan-provider relations and the dynamic space where they intersect. Joining us is John Pickett, RVP, Provider Solutions at Anthem Blue Cross, Bill Barcellona, SVP, Government Affairs at America’s Physicians Group, and Joe Gifford, MD, SVP of Population Health at Lumeris.

From each of their uniquely different perspectives, this panel will discuss these changing partnerships and distill key takeaways from a survey of California experiences. This will be a high value conversation!

3.  Sen. Ed Hernandez gives closing keynote

Sen. Ed Hernandez is the Chair of the Senate Health Committee.  In that capacity, he has passed more health care reform legislation since 2010 than any other elected official in the state of California, including a significant run of bills in August as the legislature came to a close. This year, he is also a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Hernandez will provide the afternoon’s Closing Keynote presentation where he’ll talk through the session, his candidacy for Lt. Gov, and the catalytic role he intends to play in health policy, if elected.


4. What does the single payer conversation look like in 2019?

Regardless of your politics or your stance on this topic, it would appear that 2019 will be the year of the single payer discussion in California State policy circles. It is a feature of Gavin Newsom’s campaign for governor, and the legislature has teed up the topic too. National politics, with the looming presidential primaries, are likely to put wind in this topic’s sails, as well.

Dale Fountain is the Chair/CEO of Enact Universal Healthcare for CA. Dale will be joined on a panel by Teresa Stark of Kaiser Permanente and Jennifer Hendrick Synder of Capitol Advocacy.  These three will take up the question of a single payer model of care in California, and talk through what that might mean for 2019.

5.  Lunch Keynote: The future of LA’s health care system

Los Angeles is a unique health care ecosystem, with a range of challenges, assets and opportunities.  As leader of one of the largest health plans in California, Greg Buchert, MD, CEO, Care1st has a unique perspective on moving health care forward in LA.

He will be joined by Christina Ghaly, MD, COO, LA County Department of Public Health to bring valuable insights into county led initiatives. Finally, Margaret Tatar of Health Management Associates, will round out the multi-silo keynote providing a 30,000 foot view of the health care landscape in 2019.