Kaiser to speak on med school | Vivity’s partners | 2016 ballot initiatives

Our 2016 Northern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference is a little over a month away. The agenda was built with a close eye on health care topics that are trending and which warrant a deeper discussion.

It would be great to have you with us on April 6th, and to have your voice included in the dialog. Until then, here are 5 Things we’re watching this month – all of which will be featured at our conference.

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1. Kaiser to speak on medical school strategy

One of the more interesting questions of 2016 is “How will we develop the workforce needed to meet the demands of health care consumers?”  Kaiser has a strategy, and it’s an impressive one.  CPCA has some recommendations, and COPE Health Solutions is implementing a unique model.

It’s a noteworthy group, to be sure. You’ll hear from all of them at an 11:45 am breakout session during our 2016 Northern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference on April 6th.

2. Vivity and next generation payment models

Anthem’s Vivity recently announced that it has exceeded its 2015 sales goals and has set the bar even higher for 2016. The provider-payer partnership between health giant Anthem and seven Southern California hospital systems made news as a direct competitor to Kaiser when it launched about a year ago.

Hear more about Vivity’s payer provider partnerships on the panel “Next Generation Payment Models in the Commercial Market.” Panelists will also share the latest in employer shared risk models.


3. Ballot initiatives shaping up for November

Health care will be on the ballot this November, including an initiative on drug pricing which caps rates for medications paid for by the state. Another will prevent hospital tax monies from being diverted to the state general fund. These will be expensive and have already gained national attention.

On April 6th, we have a panel titled “Initiatives at the Ballot in 2016,” a topic which almost everyone in Sacramento has at least one eye on.  The session is at 9:45 am.

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4. Financing transformation in Medi-Cal

A number of questions still remain about how transformation in Medi-Cal will be implemented. With the MCO tax deal done, and the waiver funds en route, do we now have greater clarity about how this will work?

The panel “Medi-Cal: Implementation of Transformational Care Financing” will address this topic. I expect you’ll leave with a pragmatic understanding of what’s ahead in Medi-Cal.

5. How are counties doing things differently?

The innovation – and variation – happening among counties is significant. In a state as diverse as California, the range of strategies is wide.

We have one panel featuring “County-Led Initiatives for System Improvement,” and another focused on the “Regional Variation in Health System Innovation and Outcomes.” Both will feature, to varying degrees, county leadership. Unless you’re ready to travel to each of these counties, it’s the kind of convening that you won’t get many other places.