What They’re Watching: Pelu Tran, Cofounder & President Google Glass Augmedix

Pelu Tran, Google Glass Augmedix Cofounder and President says that major disruption to health care is coming. Tran joined us at our Seattle State of Reform conference earlier this year. He says that health care is getting younger. Once regarded as a slow-to-change, protocol-driven field, Tran explains that the way his generation interacts with and views health care is already shaking things up.

Opportunities are attracting some of this generation’s brightest–and hungriest–minds. It’s not just disruptors from the world of technology but management and business fields with their eyes set on the health care industry.

Tran is a Forbes magazine “30-Under-30” nominee known for raising $23 million for his three-year-old company–$16 million of that in one round of funding. Augmedix provides a service for physicians that aids them in electronic health reporting using the Google Glass platform.