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Inland NW - Virtual, September 23, 2020

5 Things We’re Watching is our regularly distributed market and policy intelligence newsletter. Each newsletter includes five items of relevance specific to your market. Enjoy links to original source documentation, thoughtful coverage from other outlets, and independent reporting from State of Reform.

5 Things Hawaii: Med-QUEST RFI, Heroes and HEALS Acts, Heather Miyasato

| Aug 6, 2020 | Hawaii

It has taken Hawaii about five months to accumulate 2,763 confirmed cases of COVID-19. At the current rate of spread, Hawaii will accumulate another 2,763 cases in just 15 days. The seven-day average of new cases has more than doubled in the last week. It's a signal that none of us...[ Read More ]

5 Things Texas: State health care rankings, Glenda Stepchinski, HEALS & HEROES acts compared

| Aug 6, 2020 | Texas

ICYMI, yesterday we announced the launch of our 2020 North Texas State of Reform Virtual Health Policy Conference. We feature it below as well. Moving to a virtual space is new for everyone. But, I think you'll find we've put in a lot of work to build a platform that is...[ Read More ]

5 Things California: State budget, Medi-Cal wave, Racism in health care

| Aug 4, 2020 | California

We are super excited to be hosting our 2020 Northern California State of Reform Virtual Health Policy Conference in two weeks! You'll see the registration rate is about 50% off our normal price for State of Reform, so I hope you will consider joining us. Since March, we've built a unique...[ Read More ]

5 Things Washington: Medicaid enrollment, Brian Warren, COVID spread

| Jul 31, 2020 | Washington

We have a great panel on anti-racism teed up for you next week, and what will be an insightful sessions for us on Monday August 10th in item 1 below. But, our 2020 Inland NW State of Reform Virtual Health Policy Conference will likely be among the stand out events we produce...[ Read More ]

5 Things Arizona: Republican primary, Access Monitoring Report, 5 Slides

| Jul 30, 2020 | Arizona

I hope you're dodging the heat as best you can these days. If you're a weather geek, you can check out a few interesting blogs (here, here) that help provide you with good knowledge for your next trivia night, from monsoons to cumulus. The downward trend in COVID cases is a welcome sign. Arizona's...[ Read More ]

5 Things Utah: Medicaid/CHIP enrollment, Pharma usage up, Social needs screening

Michael Goldberg | Jul 23, 2020 | Utah

Hello Utah, I'm filling in today for DJ Wilson, who is managing several projects this week. We are working away preparing for our 2020 Utah State of Reform Virtual Health Policy Conference on September 15th. Time seems to blur during this COVID era, so make sure you remember to register. As we prepare for the conference,...[ Read More ]

5 Things Alaska: Medicaid enrollment, Early Bird registration, Bill Pearch

| Jul 22, 2020 | Alaska

The whole of our operation at State of Reform is built on our conferences. Revenue from that single annual event allows us to do everything that we do, from covering Alaska health care to elevating the voices of Alaska's health policy leaders. Registration for the event is now open for...[ Read More ]

5 Things California: Nathan Fletcher, 50+ speakers, SB 977

| Jul 21, 2020 | California

Shelley Rouillard has been one of the steady hands in California state government when it comes to health policy. She led DMHC under both Gov. Brown and Gov. Newsom. She announced her departure from state service in the spring, but has now stepped down. Her steady leadership in an area...[ Read More ]

5 Things Colorado: Rep. Emily Sirota, Medicaid wave?, Convening Panel

| Jul 20, 2020 | Colorado

We are about to start getting our band back together...! Meaning, it'll soon be time to pull together our Convening Panel ahead of our 2020 Colorado State of Reform Virtual Health Policy Conference! The conference, held each year in October, will be a chance to reconnect with senior market executives...[ Read More ]

5 Things Washington: Early bird registration, Cascade Care, Behavioral health update

| Jul 17, 2020 | Washington

This edition captures so much of what we're trying to build for you at State of Reform. It's a platform for some of our state's most thoughtful voices (#4). It features the independent reporting from our team covering health care like no other outlet in the state (#1, #3, #5)....[ Read More ]