Registration open—reviewing health policy in the 2021 Oregon legislature

Some of Oregon’s most influential voices in health policy advocacy will be joining State of Reform on April 23rd. They will be reviewing the progress made during the legislative session and talk through some key policy conversations.

During our upcoming Leadership Series, “Reviewing health policy in the 2021 Oregon Legislature”, our experts will will talk through current policy legislation and some early deliberations on budget decisions that will need to be made now that we’ve passed the first crossover deadline.


Leadership Series: Health policy in the 2021 Oregon legislature


Jeremiah Rigsby, Chief of Staff for CareOregon, Tom Holt, Principal for The Holt Company and Courtni Dresser, Associate Director, Government Relations, for the Oregon Medical Association will share the stage to review health policy in the 2021 Oregon legislature.

Each panelist will bring key questions or topics they think are worth discussing. This event is free to attend, but you need to register to join us.

Come hear from these policy leaders, pose questions, and participate in the conversation!