2016 Washington State of Reform Conference – Detailed Agenda

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Our 2016 Washington State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of over 80 speakers and experts from across the spectrum of care. The heading colors correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.

8:15 am Welcome and Introductions

Opening remarks to set the stage for the day and put the conference in the broader context of State of Reform activities, which are focused on bridging the gap between the worlds of health care and health policy.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform

8:30 am Morning Keynote Panel: Purchasers Accelerating Value in their Health Care Spend

Purchasers, whether public or private sector, are demanding more value from their health care dollar. In many cases they are also demanding more accountability from their health care partners, too.  This panel of executives will share their strategies for generating greater value from the health care system, and their expectations for the health care sector’s response.

Dorothy Teeter: Director, Health Care Authority
Jeff White: Director of Health Strategy, Boeing
David Snodgrass: President/CEO, Healthcare Management Administrators, Inc.
Alex Rule: VP, Sales, Northwest Region, Arthur J. Gallagher

9:20 am Measuring Value in Health Care Today

This panel will continue the theme of value in health care by offering three different perspectives on how best to measure what is worth the price and what may not be.  This group of senior health care leaders will address the topic from varying perspectives.

Tanya Dansky, MD: Chief Medical Officer, AmeriGroup
Alisha Fehrenbacher: CEO, Whatcom Alliance for Health Advancement  
Carol Wagner: Senior Vice President, Washington State Hospital Association

9:20 am The Latest on ACHs in the State

One of the most recent innovations in the health care ecosystem is the Accountable Community of Health. While it’s still early in its development, the ACH has the potential to empower community voices, and help wring out misspent health care dollars from the system through greater accountability.

Janna Wilson: Director of Health Policy & Planning, Seattle King County Public Health
Alison Carl White: Executive Director, Better Health Together
Doug Bowes: CEO, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

9:20 am The Shift to Retail Health Care Delivery

The manner in which health care is delivered is shifting.  Increased price sensitivity, reduced employer benefits, and increased consumer engagement is driving a trend towards a more retail delivery system.  Hear from these speakers about what that might mean for the road ahead in health care.

Victoria Reinholz: Director of Sales and Clinical Integration, Vera Whole Health
Dave Sanders, MD: Co-Founder, Zoom+
Wellesley Chapman, MD: Medical Director, Innovation and Development, Group Health Cooperative

9:20 am Determining Value in New Pharma

The skyrocketing price of pharmaceuticals is leading to a full re-evaluation of determining value in pharmaceutical utilization.  This panel brings in objective data and practical analytics to help unravel the challenges of understanding what is worth the pharmaceutical use today.

Ken Dowell: Senior Vice President, Excelsior Solutions
Chad Murphy: VP of Pharmacy, Premera Blue Cross

9:20 am New Lessons from Community Health Workers

Non-traditional health care delivery offers a different way to improve health and wellness.  Working with people in their communities and homes can help support individuals and families in ways that can be difficult for the mainstream delivery system. This panel will talk through some of the lessons learned from community health workers.

Kathleen Clark:  Manager, Community Healthcare Improvement and Linkages, Prevention and Community Health Division, Department of Health
Archana Mayani: Director, Medical Clinical Operations, Optum
Norma Owens: Manager, Member Connections, Coordinated Care
Michelle DiMiscio: Community Health Worker, Seattle King County Public Health

10:20 am Medicare and Implementation of Bundled Payments

Medicare is driving value-based purchasing with ambitious goals to transform health care financing away from the traditional fee-for-service model. Hear from these leaders about what this transformation looks like in practice.

David Fitzgerald: CEO, Proliance Surgeons
Brent Korte:
Director, Home Health, Evergreen Health
Mara McDermott: Director, Federal Government Relations, CAPG (invited)

10:20 am The Role of Counties in Health Care Politics

Counties are playing an increasingly relevant and active role in state politics under the proposed 1115 waiver and planned integration activities. Built on a legacy of a key role in mental health, in housing, and incarceration, counties tend to view health care differently than the traditional health care system. Come learn what that means for policy in Washington State.

Rep. Laurie Jinkins: Member, House Health Care and Wellness Committee
Jill Johnson:
Commissioner, Island County
Brian Enslow: Senior Policy Director, Washington State Association of Counties
Bob Crittenden, MD: Senior Special Assistant for Health Reform, Office of Gov. Jay Inslee (moderator)

10:20 am A System View: Consultants Speak

Sometimes, it’s the view from touching multiple silos and organizations that can see the “forest for the trees” in health care. These consultants all take a multi-sector approach and observe health care trends from multiple angles. Come listen to see what it’s taught them about the future.

Stephen Rose: Partner, Hall Render
Robert Grannum: Partner, Moss Adams
Kate Othus: Healthcare Director, AKT

10:20 am Data Analytics and Population Health

As the health care sector starts to think about managing broader populations rather than select patients, data becomes essential to understand the areas of opportunity – and risk. This panel will connect the dots between understanding the data, the analytics, and the targets in population health.

Nate Perrizo: Chief Strategy Officer, PH Tech
Rachel Koh, RPh: Director of Clinical Product Strategy, ZeOmega
Adam Aaseby: Chief Information Officer, Health Care Authority

10:20 am Strategies and Challenges Facing Today’s Hospitals

Hospitals are under increasing stress as they try to respond to the challenges of the health care system today. Transformation in a post-ACA environment looks very different depending on a hospital’s balance sheet, service area, and referral patterns.  This panel will talk through the road ahead from multiple perspectives.

Dana Kyles: Administrator, Harborview Medical Center
Mark Adams, MD: Chief Medical Officer, CHI Franciscan Health
Howard Springer: Vice President, COPE Health Solutions

11:20 am Mental Health: Integration, Access and Parity

For all of the talk about including mental health in holistic care model, the level of integration is still mixed.  Moreover, access to providers on Medicaid and Medicare is a concern, further undermining an already slow implementation of parity.  Come listen to a diverse panel talking through varying elements of the mental health system.

Debra Horowski, PhD: Behavioral Health Director, WA Site Lead, OptumHealth
Jason Siems: 
Deputy Commissioner, Policy and Legislative Affairs, Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Karen Brady: Chief of Clinical Services, Ryther

11:20 am Policy Leadership: Republicans

This is always one of our most well attended panels, offering some of the most engaging dialog of our conference.  Hear from some of the leading Republican policy makers as they prepare for the 2016 legislative session.  Bring your questions!

Rep. Paul Harris: Member, House Health Care and Wellness Committee
Rep. Joe Schmick: Member, House Health Care and Wellness Committee
Sen. Ann Rivers: Member, Senate Health Care Committee

11:20 am New Technologies Driving Patient Engagement

Technology is moving past the health care sector in trying to bring tools straight to the consumer in order to better manage their health.  Listen to this panel talk through tools and technologies on the horizon and what that means for consumers in the months ahead.

Rebecca Norlander: CEO, Health123
Todd Humphrey:
Chief Commercial Officer, League
Shakil Haroon: Founder and CEO, MPIRICA
Eric Meyer: Chief Marketing Officer, Tyto Care

11:20 am Pressing Cost Drivers in Today’s System

What are the most pressing costs pushing on the system’s sustainability these days?  What are the strategies organizations are employing to mitigate against those pressures.  Come hear from these organizational leaders as they offer their thoughts on how the system is responding to cost drivers.

Jesse Gamez: COO, PH Tech
Elaine Corrough: Consulting Actuary, Axene Health Partners
Mark Donaldson: President, Rainier Health Network

11:20 am Shared Decision Making in Patient Care

The model of patient-provider and provider-provider engagement is shifting.  That’s acutely clear in the role of care diagnosis and decision making related to treatment and care.  This panel will take up the topic and explore the implications of shared decision making.

Sallie Sanford: Associate Professor of Law, University of Washington
John Espinola, MD: Executive VP, Health Care Services, Premera Blue Cross
Matt Handley, MD:
Medical Director, Quality, Group Health Cooperative
Dan Lessler, MD: CMO, Health Care Authority (moderator)

12:20 pm Lunch Keynote

Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator. With over 20 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation, Kraft serves as Faculty Chair for Medicine for Singularity University, and is founding Executive Director of  Exponential Medicine, a program that explores convergent, rapidly developing technologies and their potential in biomedicine and healthcare. He is board certified in Internal Medicine & Pediatrics with specialty training in hematology/ oncology and bone marrow transplantation, and has multiple patents and publications in major biomedical journals.

His various TEDTalks talks have over 1 million views. He is founder of RegenMed Systems & Bioniq Health and advises many biomedical startups including Scanadu, Jointly Health, and others including the X-Prize and Qualcomm Life.

Daniel Kraft, MD: Founder, Exponential Medicine, and IntelliMedicine

1:15 pm Increasing Consolidation in Health Care

National trends in plan and provider consolidation have finally made their way to Washington State.  With big names like Group Health and The Everett Clinic now joining larger, national players, what is next for this market?  This panel will talk through the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Jonathan Hensley: CEO, Capital Benefit Solutions
Beth Berendt:
Principal, Berendt and Associates
Hiroshi Nakano: Director, Value Based Care, Valley Medical Center

1:15 pm Policy Leadership:  Democrats

Hear from some of the key members of the Democratic Caucus about what’s in store for health policy in the 2016 legislative session. Join them for an always lively discussion and come learn about what’s ahead.

Rep. Eileen Cody: Chair, House Health Care and Wellness Committee
Rep. Jim Moeller: Chair, Adult Behavioral Health Task Force
Rep. Steve Tharinger: Member, House Health Care and Wellness Committee

1:15 pm Next Steps in Telehealth

Telehealth is more important than ever, as rising costs are driving care delivery innovation. These panelists will share their experiences in extending care to rural communities with access challenges and how telehealth is improving care. With relatively low-cost technology available, often it’s a shift in culture that becomes the most pressing obstacle to overcome. This panel will highlight the changes and challenges to implementing telehealth in 2015.

Frances Gough, MD: Chief Medical Officer, Molina Healthcare of Washington
John Scott, MD: Medical Director, Telehealth, University of Washington
Ralph Derrickson: President and CEO, Carena Inc.

1:15 pm The PEBB Rollout: Successes and Lessons Learned

The state’s purchasing of health care for public employees attempted to become a driving force for innovation in Washington’s commercial marketplace. That effort was not without its setbacks, however, as change is never easy.  Learn from these executives about what is ahead for public employee purchasing.

David Grossman, MD: Medical Director, Population & Purchaser Strategy, Group Health Cooperative
Louis McDermott: Public Employees Benefits Program Director, Health Care Authority
Julie Sylvester: Executive Director of Business Development, Virginia Mason

1:15 pm The Politics and Fiscal Reality of Medical Education

The 2015 legislative session featured, in part, legislation and funding related to a new medical school in Spokane. It highlighted data points like Washington produces and retains the lowest number of primary care providers per capita of any state in the US.  But what does that mean to a strained state budget? What impacts can we expect in the months and years to come?  And how can we improve?

Tom Scandalis, DO: Dean, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences
John Tomkowiak, MD, MOL: Founding Dean Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, WSU 
Suzanne Allen, MD: Vice Dean for Academic, Rural and Regional Affairs, UW School of Medicine

2:15 pm Disruptive Investments in Changing Health Care Today

Big money is not waiting for the health care system to right itself.  Venture capital, angel investors, and institutional players are making bets on innovation in health care that might outpace the change the industry can produce and manage on its own.  Hear from these experts about what this means for health care in the future.

Jaja Okigwe: SVP, Strategic Development, Premera Blue Cross
Anisha Sood: Assistant Director, Strategic Investments, Cambia Health Solutions

2:15 pm Olympia Insiders Talk Shop

What is the buzz ahead of the 2016 legislative session?  Get past the talking points with some of these key insiders and hear from them directly about what might be in play for the 60-day session.

Lonnie Johns-Brown: Legislative Director, Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Lani Todd: Legislative & Policy Director, SEIU 775
David Knutson: Principal, Knutson Consulting

2:15 pm Models of Provider Risk and Value Based Payment

As physicians and hospitals, as well as other providers, seek to move upstream in the risk arrangement, the models for contracting and organizational alignment become wide-ranging. This panel will take up a number of those models and talk through the lessons of experience from both successes and setbacks.

Cindy Ehnes: Executive Vice President, COPE Health Solutions
Sue Deitz: Regional Vice President, National Rural ACO
Jay Johnson: SVP, Confluence Health

2:15 pm Update on Integration in SW Washington

The HCA has been driving integration discussion in WA this last year, culminating in the integrated purchasing of Medicaid services in Southwest Washington. These panelists will share their first hand knowledge as they plan to partner more closely with one another.  Come listen to the interaction of their unique perspectives and what it could mean for Medicaid in the rest of the state of Washington.

Craig Pridemore: CEO, Columbia River Mental Health
Alice Lind: Manager, Grants & Program Development, Health Care Authority
Julie Lindberg: Vice President, Healthcare Services, Molina Healthcare of Washington
Erin Hafer: Director of New Programs Integration, CHPW

2:15 pm Lessons from Social Epidemiology in Health Care

Being healthy and well is about much more than the health care one receives. With more and more studies and experience pointing to social, personal and non-allopathic influences on health, this panel will discuss how the health care system – in the broadest possible sense – is responding to the science.

Ileana Ponce-Gonzalez, MD: Senior Adviser for Scientific & Strategic Planning, Migrant Clinicians  Network
Kristen West:
Vice President of Programs, Empire Health Foundation
Robbi Kay Norman: Consultant, Uncommon Solutions

3:15 pm Executive Keynote Panel: Making Reform Work Amidst the Politics of 2016

The rhetoric of the 2016 presidential election has not appeared to elevate health care reform beyond the ideological discourse promoted since the passage of the ACA in 2010.  However, both the local marketplace and the State of Washington have become forces for innovation in Washington State.

Innovation in health care is never easy.  It’s particularly hard when national campaigns appear uninformed on the complexity of today’s system, using talking points that sometimes seem to extend misinformation rather than correct it.

This panel of executives and policy leaders will talk through the challenges of reforming our health care system in 2016, and what opportunities for successful collaboration lie on the horizon.

Tony Armada: Chief Executive, Swedish Health Services
Erin Leff: Executive Vice President, Group Practice Division, Group Health
Pam MacEwan: CEO, Washington Health Benefit Exchange