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Alaska, October 3, 2017

Six observations from Hochman's statement on Delashaw

DJ Wilson | Mar 28, 2017 | Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington

The Seattle Times recently released an internal email sent on behalf of Rod Hochman to Swedish employees.  You can read it in full here. In short, this was an uncommonly good level of communication from an organization that has sometimes missed opportunities to manage its system-level brand.  As a consequence,...[ Read More ]

Sen. Murkowski on the AHCA: “This is a flawed replacement.”

| Mar 23, 2017 | Alaska

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski hosted a virtual town hall about healthcare today. The town hall began shortly after the House announced that it would not be voting on the AHCA tonight. Sen. Murkowski reiterated her concerns about the bill in its current form and reform in general. “First off, I...[ Read More ]

Governor Walker issues statement on proposed federal healthcare legislation

| Mar 23, 2017 | Alaska

Governor Bill Walker issued the following statement today on the proposed American Healthcare Act that is currently being considered by Congress: "For the past two years, my team and I have heard from Alaskans statewide who received life-saving procedures, critical care for loved ones, and peace of mind knowing they...[ Read More ]

Sen. Murkowski | Medicaid cost data | Thursday night

| Mar 21, 2017 | Alaska

This is a big week in US health policy with a vote on the American Health Care Act scheduled for Thursday night. The impacts to Alaska could be extreme, based on reports below, which puts the congressional delegation committed to repealing Obamacare in a tough spot - one that could...[ Read More ]

What They're Watching: Stephanie McBride

Kylie Walsh | Mar 21, 2017 | Alaska

Stephanie McBride, a nurse practitioner at Denali OB-GYN, joins us in this edition of What They're Watching to discuss transparency in pricing. I feel like as a provider, as a nurse practitioner, my job and my dream is to wake up and take care of patients every day. And so,...[ Read More ]

Message from Providence CEO Rod Hochmann

DJ Wilson | Mar 17, 2017 | Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington

Note:  This email was first released by the Seattle Times on Thursday March 16th. The original version can be found here. ---------------------------------------------- From: Corporate Communications [mailto:CorporateCommunications@swedish.org] Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 3:51 PM To: Corporate Communications <CorporateCommunications@swedish.org> Subject: From Rod Hochman: Sharing My Perspective *** This message is sent on...[ Read More ]