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Why replacing the ACA is so tough: part 2

| Mar 3, 2017 | Federal, Louisiana

Earlier this week we looked at why the politics of replacing the ACA are way more complicated and challenging for Republicans than some might think based on the seemingly straightforward campaign cry in 2016 to "repeal and replace" the law. Health care. Complicated. Who knew? Part two of "why replacing the...[ Read More ]

Why DaVita is being regulated, investigated, and sued

| Mar 2, 2017 | California, Federal, Texas, Washington

Something unusual came out of DaVita Inc. releasing its 4th Quarter 2016 results recently. Specifically, DaVita, known primarily as a large, national provider of dialysis services, projects operating income to fall from $1.849 billion in 2016 to a range of $1.638 billion to $1.775 billion for 2017. In contrast, DaVita's major national...[ Read More ]

US drug overdose data, visualized

DJ Wilson | Mar 1, 2017 | Federal

Reddit user optsyn posted a data visualization of US drug overdose deaths from 1999-2014.  It's a compelling piece of data graphically displayed. Well worth sharing here. Remember:  for the most part, the opioid crisis - reflected here as a subset of this data, I assume - is a self-inflicted, system-generated...[ Read More ]

What Republican Governors are telling Trump on Medicaid

DJ Wilson | Mar 1, 2017 | Federal

The National Governors Association meetings wrapped up this week and Medicaid was front and center. The non-partisan group facilitates the education of state executives regarding federal and other state policy.  It is also an opportunity for governors to caucus with one another and form a unified front on given issues....[ Read More ]

The choice facing states under capped federal Medicaid spending

DJ Wilson | Feb 28, 2017 | Federal

Let's assume for a moment that Congressional Republicans are able to implement -- through legislation -- a block grant model for Medicaid wherein the federal share of Medicaid spending is capped through some mechanism. Now, I recognize many advocates will be lining up to make sure that doesn't happen.  And,...[ Read More ]

On FMAP, or what Congressional Republicans are really up to with health reform

DJ Wilson | Feb 28, 2017 | Federal

House Republicans issued their "Policy Brief" on an ACA replacement and we are getting more detail around their vision for replacing the ACA. The road ahead looks rocky. The plan isn't conservative enough for the hard right and doesn't protect Medicaid expansion for more practical Republican states that have expanded the...[ Read More ]