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Podcast: James Capretta on the American Health Care Act

Kylie Walsh | May 16, 2017 | Federal

AHCA passes House

| May 4, 2017 | Federal

Congressman McCarthy: Don’t Believe the Fear-Mongering

| May 3, 2017 | Federal

Don’t Believe the Fear-Mongering. Our Plan Has Pre-Existing Conditions Covered In an attempt to induce panic, Congressional Democrats—blindly echoed by some in the media—have begun to assert the false narrative that the American Health Care Act won’t cover people with pre-existing conditions. This is a completely dishonest distortion of the...[ Read More ]

Molina Healthcare Announces Leadership Changes

| May 2, 2017 | Federal

Molina Healthcare, Inc.  today announced leadership changes, under which Joseph W. White, Chief Accounting Officer, has been named Interim President and Chief Executive Officer replacing Dr. J. Mario Molina. The Board will immediately commence the search process for a permanent CEO. Mr. White has also been named Chief Financial Officer,...[ Read More ]

I've got a gene for Alzheimer's

DJ Wilson | Apr 26, 2017 | Federal

It turns out I have a gene for Alzheimer's Disease. That's the news from 23andMe, a genome testing service that was approved by the FDA this month to inform consumers about the content of their genetic code related to certain disease states.  This approval follows a 2013 FDA letter disallowing...[ Read More ]

Podcast: Housing, meet health care

Erin Fenner | Mar 31, 2017 | Federal

In the second episode of our State of Reform podcast, we talk to experts who want to solve a problem: How do we affordably care for patients who, on top of potential medical conditions, don't even have a home? A small portion of patients use a significant portion of health care...[ Read More ]

Opinion: What some Republicans don’t understand about health care policy

| Mar 30, 2017 | Federal

There are three paths Republicans in Congress can take after the AHCA didn’t even make it to a vote on the House floor: Abandon reforming the ACA altogether: this is politically problematic as more conservative elements of the Republican base will hold Members of Congress accountable in next year's midterms...[ Read More ]

What happened to the AHCA vote?

| Mar 23, 2017 | Federal

UPDATE: The coverage below was written after the first scheduled AHCA vote that didn't happen on Thursday, March 23. The key points about why the vote wasn't happening and what addressing health care policy will be so difficult for Congressional Republicans still holds after they pulled the bill from the House...[ Read More ]