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Interview with Michael Stollar, HMSA

DJ Wilson | Jan 2, 2017 | Hawaii

Getting to know Cassie Sauer, WSHA’s next CEO

JJ Lee | Aug 23, 2016 | Washington

#SeaHomeless: Interview with HCA Chief Policy Officer Nathan Johnson

| Jun 29, 2016 | Washington

Nathan Johnson is the Chief Policy Officer at the HCA, and one of the primary architects of the state’s 1115 Medicaid waiver application.  We asked him a few questions about state policy and the logic of including a supportive housing element in the waiver application. DJ: What was the impetus...[ Read More ]

#SeaHomeless: Interview with Michele Thomas, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

DJ Wilson | Jun 29, 2016 | Washington

Michele Thomas is the Director of Policy and Advocacy at the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance (WLIHA).  From wliha.org:  “As the statewide champion for housing, the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance is a powerful coalition of diverse organizations and individuals working together to build and protect safe, healthy, affordable homes...[ Read More ]

UC Berkeley's Dr. James C. Robinson on state exchanges adopting the active purchaser model

JJ Lee | Jun 15, 2016 | California, Washington

State of Reform sat down with Dr. James Robinson, Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor of Health Economics and Director of the UC Berkeley Center of Health Technology, to talk about state exchanges and the active purchaser model. Dr. Robinson co-authored the article "Whither Health Insurance Exchanges Under the Affordable Care Act?...[ Read More ]

Ele Hamburger: Medicaid programs should be taking "a long hard look" at their drug policies under state and federal law

JJ Lee | Jun 6, 2016 | Washington

Ele Hamburger, one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys in the recent lawsuit against the Washington Health Care Authority, the state Medicaid agency, over its Hepatitis C drug policy, sat down with State of Reform to talk about the case which is already having national implications. In a May 27, 2016 ruling...[ Read More ]

Interview: Dr. Michael Belman, M.D., Medical Director of Payment Innovation, Anthem

Stephanie Wick | May 5, 2016 | California

Recently, Anthem Blue Cross of California reported that four medical groups within its Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) saved $14.8m in one year. Savings were attributable to a 7.7% reduction in inpatient days/1000 and almost 3% decline in outpatient length of stay. State of Reform sat down with Dr. Michael Belman,M.D., Medical Director of Payment Innovation at Anthem, to...[ Read More ]

Exclusive: Jason Gootee on Moda's departure from Alaska's individual market

| May 2, 2016 | Alaska

State of Reform's DJ Wilson sits down with Jason Gootee, Director of Alaska Sales and Service at Moda Health to discuss Moda's departure from the individual market. DJ Wilson:  Moda has announced that they will be leaving the Alaska Individual market, including the exchange marketplace, in 2017.  When did you...[ Read More ]

Interview: "The ineptitude and ineffectiveness of lawmakers in Juneau"

DJ Wilson | Feb 16, 2016 | Alaska

I caught up with Albert Fogle, the President-Elect of the Alaska Association of Health Underwriters (AAHU), Alaska’s voice for insurance brokers and agents. He is also an Employee Benefits Consultant at Northrim Benefits Group, and sits on AAHU’s Legislative Committee. I asked him about the state of health care reform...[ Read More ]

Exclusive: Lou McDermott on expanding the PEBB ACP in place for state employees

JJ Lee | Jan 28, 2016 | Washington

Lou McDermott, Director of the Public Employees Benefits Program (PEBB) joins State of Reform host DJ Wilson to talk about expanding the PEBB Accountable Care Program (ACP) in place for Washington state employees. McDermott also provides an update on the closed RFA process and enrollment.     DJ Wilson: Tell...[ Read More ]