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Sacramento, April 27, 2017

5 Things We’re Watching is our regularly distributed market and policy intelligence newsletter. Each newsletter includes five items of relevance specific to your market. Enjoy links to original source documentation, thoughtful coverage from other outlets, and independent reporting from State of Reform.

Providence & Times |  PEBB & HCA | Three things from DC

| Feb 17, 2017 | Washington

Since January 1st, we've held 8 convenings of various sizes in Washington, Hawaii, Texas, Oregon and California. It's been very cool to hear the conversations taking place across the country during this time of transition - but exhausting. Luckily, things slow down for us for a bit, and we can...[ Read More ]

24-24 tie in Senate | Murray, Cantwell, Price | Dawn Johnson

| Jan 25, 2017 | Washington

I sometimes think that things might be relatively straightforward in health care - and January was one of those times.  Yet... not so much. From commercial insurance to Medicaid policy, there are so many variables in flux that even looking ahead to April is a task. So, here are 5...[ Read More ]

Three governors | legislature starts | Republicans don't the votes

| Jan 13, 2017 | Washington

We are late getting this out to you this week, but wanted it in your inbox before the weekend. Last week's conference was a wonderful success.  From our team to those of you who could make it, it was an honor hosting all of your with us.  Thank you for...[ Read More ]

12 spots left | ACHs | Kelly Stanford

| Dec 29, 2016 | Washington

Our conference is coming up one week from today when we'll host about 600 of our closest friends in Washington State health care. So, some of these 5 Things We're Watching will be found on our agenda, too. If I don't see you next week, from our team to yours,...[ Read More ]

6 policies for insurance mkt | We're #2! | Big data and consumers

| Dec 13, 2016 | Washington

The federal model of our Constitution empowers states to be the lead actors in many areas of policy. Insurance law is one of those areas typically delegated to the states. We have our eyes on insurance this edition, plus a few political items of note.  1. "Seriously undermine our health insurance...[ Read More ]

Rep. Tom Price | Sen. Slade Gorton | Heat map

| Nov 29, 2016 | Washington

"We all go forward with the presumption of good faith in our fellow citizens, because that presumption of good faith is essential to a vibrant and functioning democracy." Those comments from post-election highlights from Obama, Clinton and Trump for your review here. I think the clip calls us to our...[ Read More ]

After the election | Patient centricity | #HWSymposium

| Oct 26, 2016 | Washington

After 6 years of writing this newsletter, last edition, I messed up pretty good. I left out an entire introduction section, and failed to link to Molly Voris's video comments. So, thanks to the loyal seven readers of this email for not ridiculing me too much about that slip up....[ Read More ]

Sixty-eight speakers | SW Washington | PEBB lawsuit

| Aug 24, 2016 | Washington

This is something of the silly political season as the November election draws close. Tensions are high, and majorities in both Washington DC and Olympia appear increasingly in play. That's why we've got so much good stuff lined up for you in Spokane on Sept. 14th!  From politics to policy,...[ Read More ]

The Everett Clinic financials | OHSU all payer claims database | Hiroshi Nakano

| Aug 9, 2016 | Washington

It's not often that DJ Wilson takes a vacation. But with September just around the bend, we thought that it was high time that we send our State of Reform host to recharge and soak up some sun in California. But worry not, we've still got our eyes on Washington health...[ Read More ]

WSHA & Pierce County mental health | TRICARE cuts United | State primary elections

| Jul 31, 2016 | Washington

Things can shift so quickly. Ask United Healthcare, or Premera Blue Cross, or the candidates on the ballot next week, and the majorities impacted by their results. These moving parts and others are what we're watching this week. 1.  Three lessons from Premera & Providence The recent news about Providence's...[ Read More ]