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Sacramento, April 27, 2017

Three governors | legislature starts | Republicans don't the votes

| Jan 13, 2017 | Washington

We are late getting this out to you this week, but wanted it in your inbox before the weekend. Last week's conference was a wonderful success.  From our team to those of you who could make it, it was an honor hosting all of your with us.  Thank you for...[ Read More ]

Michael Stollar | Jiseki Health | January 12th

| Jan 3, 2017 | Hawaii

Welcome to 2017 and what is expected to be a year of upheaval in health care. This month, we're tracking some of the issues that offer the most potential disruption for the year - almost all of which you'll hear about at our conference on January 12th! I hope we'll...[ Read More ]

12 spots left | ACHs | Kelly Stanford

| Dec 29, 2016 | Washington

Our conference is coming up one week from today when we'll host about 600 of our closest friends in Washington State health care. So, some of these 5 Things We're Watching will be found on our agenda, too. If I don't see you next week, from our team to yours,...[ Read More ]

Walker's budget | E.F. Hutton | 1332 waiver

| Dec 22, 2016 | Alaska

There is a storm brewing in health policy in 2017, and it will create a level of anxiety many of us in health care thought we had finally waded through.  So, take time to enjoy this Christmas and holiday season.  Here are "5 Things We're Watching" that will be waiting...[ Read More ]

FMAP and OR budget | Evan O'Kelly | CCO re-org legislation

| Dec 22, 2016 | Oregon

2017 will be among the most dynamic years in health policy in some time. So, rest and rejuvenate this Christmas and holiday season.  Here are 5 Things that will be waiting for you when you return...        1. Walden: A central figure in ACA repeal As we highlighted last...[ Read More ]

Third party payments | Rep. Tom Price | CoveredCA as skunkworks

| Dec 14, 2016 | California

This is an incredibly dynamic time for health care, even if we are still distracted by the past elections and future holidays. There's a lot to track. Here are 5 Things We're Watching that we think merit a little attention. Thanks for reading.        1. Video: Sarah Summer...[ Read More ]