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AHCA, Juneau, Beth Johnson

| Jun 22, 2017 | Alaska

Two major trends in health care

| Jun 19, 2017 | California

Michael Robinson, Pacific VA, HMSA performance

| Jun 8, 2017 | Hawaii

Health policy isn't disconnected from political reality. So, it's possible the most important health policy activity today comes from Jim Comey's testimoney before the US Senate. If you weren't up at 4:00 am for his remarks, you can read them here. They read like a Hollywood screenplay. With that, here...[ Read More ]

Anthony Haley, patient costs, AHCA

| Jun 7, 2017 | Texas

Just when you thought you could enjoy summer, it looks like we're heading for both a special Texas legislative session and a US Senate vote on the AHCA in the weeks ahead. The sands are shifting under our feet. Those two things and a few others are What We're Watching...[ Read More ]

Economic growth, Jim Capretta, Dr. Ryan McGhan

| May 23, 2017 | Alaska

As the fiscal situation in Juneau drags on, and the economic recession begins to deepen, we turn this month to health care costs in Alaska.  They make up the context of almost everything happening in Alaska health policy right now - from the AHCA to RFPs to economic activity. It's...[ Read More ]

CBO, Qliance, Jim Capretta

| May 23, 2017 | Washington

As always, we have 5 Things We're Watching ready for you - but candidly, this list could be 12 or 13 items long. There's a great deal going on, certainly, but I can't help but wonder if it's all distraction. Are we improving the system rapidly enough to be able...[ Read More ]

Trumpression, Knute Buehler, Jim Capretta

| May 18, 2017 | Oregon

"Grow confident making decisions amidst the chaos." This from the boardroom wall of an insurance company I know - and a good reminder that just when we thought things might settle down, even more upheaval appears on the horizon. It's part of what we're watching in Oregon health care in...[ Read More ]

Legislative run down, #stopunderpayments, Rep. Burrows

| May 15, 2017 | Texas

We are down to our last two weeks of the regular session, and with no session next year, the foundation of state policy is about to be finalized for the next 18 months. That doesn't mean the messaging or the markets will stop however. So, we're watching all three: policy,...[ Read More ]