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Alzheimer's | AHCA vote | Kat Latet

| Apr 26, 2017 | Washington

Medicaid Plus | Anna Loengard | Bills to watch

| Apr 6, 2017 | Hawaii

Reform is on again, off again in Washington DC. But with a month to go, lots of initiatives are still at play in the legislature. We track some of those this month - but we also launch our State of Reform podcast in this month's edition. So, here are "5...[ Read More ]

Freestanding ERs | Geronimo Rodriguez | Mental health

| Apr 4, 2017 | Texas

I'm taking over for Eric this month as your loyal scribe.  So, go easy on me! Setting aside the Republicans' health reform bill in DC has diminished predictability rather than added to it.  In Austin, most of the attention is on closing the remaining gaps in the state budget between...[ Read More ]

Covered CA | Policy leadership | Block grants

| Apr 4, 2017 | California

With our 2017 Northern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference set for April 27th, you know the event will be timely, well attended, and will have some great speakers.  So, because those speakers will be talking about the same things we typically feature in our newsletter, we have selected...[ Read More ]

Gonzaga | State budget | Congress

| Mar 28, 2017 | Washington

"Our long national nightmare is over."  Meaning Gonzaga is finally in the Final Four!  Since my success in predicting Clinton's victory didn't go so well, I'll just say I'm looking forward to a trip to Phoenix this weekend to watch some good basketball. And hopefully an Oregon loss. Till then,...[ Read More ]

Greg Walden | AHCA | Kate Othus

| Mar 22, 2017 | Oregon

This is a big week in American health care with the vote on the AHCA tomorrow night. The consequences will be far reaching, including the possible collapse of the individual market in at least one state (Alaska). Oregon will likely fare better than the 49th State up north, but how...[ Read More ]

Sen. Murkowski | Medicaid cost data | Thursday night

| Mar 21, 2017 | Alaska

This is a big week in US health policy with a vote on the American Health Care Act scheduled for Thursday night. The impacts to Alaska could be extreme, based on reports below, which puts the congressional delegation committed to repealing Obamacare in a tough spot - one that could...[ Read More ]