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Hawaii's response to ACA repeal

| Mar 9, 2017 | Hawaii

For decades Hawaii has ranked among the top states for health insurance coverage due not just to our unique ERISA-exempt employer mandate but also to sizeable percentages of the population covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and military or veterans’ benefits.  Pre-Affordable Care Act, the non-elderly uninsured population was typically around 10%. ...[ Read More ]

Hawaii Legislative Report: Health Bills Decked

| Mar 6, 2017 | Hawaii

Hawaii’s legislative cross-over deadline is March 9th so all bills, except the budget, need to have been decked by March 3rd in order to move from their originating body to the opposite side. Of general interest, both bills that preserve ACA insurance mandates (SB403/HB552), and one that would enable medical...[ Read More ]

Hawaii Legislative Report

| Feb 27, 2017 | Hawaii

The week of February 20 held few surprises for health policy proposals as bills move toward the March 3 first decking deadline. Resolutions are now being introduced in greater numbers, including some that correspond to bills that were deferred this year pending additional information. Resolutions, which don’t have the force of law,...[ Read More ]

Hawaii bills at first lateral

| Feb 21, 2017 | Hawaii

February 17th was “first lateral,” the legislative deadline for all bills to be assigned to their final committee in the originating chamber.  Any bills with multiple committee referrals that haven’t yet been heard are no longer in play. Moving on are bills that address some of Hawaii’s most troubling health...[ Read More ]

Overview of Hawaii's Legislative Health Bills

| Feb 14, 2017 | Hawaii

Hawaii’s Legislature opened on January 18, right after economists announced that State revenues were expected to grow just 3 percent, down from earlier projections of 5.5  percent . This revenue adjustment instantly took $155 million out of the state budget, and, in combination with pressing unfunded liabilities for the public worker...[ Read More ]

Senator Josh Green on the expansion of physician assistant training

| Nov 30, 2016 | Hawaii

Healthcare is changing rapidly in response to high costs and the evolving needs and preferences of consumers.  Increasingly, insurers are rewarding prevention and positive outcomes in patient-centered primary care practices.  But adopting new models of care is challenging, especially for many neighbor island communities where the supply of primary care...[ Read More ]