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Spokane, September 13, 2017

5 Things We’re Watching is our regularly distributed market and policy intelligence newsletter. Each newsletter includes five items of relevance specific to your market. Enjoy links to original source documentation, thoughtful coverage from other outlets, and independent reporting from State of Reform.

AHCA, Juneau, Beth Johnson

| Jun 22, 2017 | Alaska

These are "interesting times," indeed. We focus this issue primarily on the AHCA, but we can't overlook Juneau or thoughtful voices working towards innovation and collaboration in Alaska's health care system. It's "What We're Watching" in Alaska health care. 1.  Senate version of the AHCA is out Here are a...[ Read More ]

Economic growth, Jim Capretta, Dr. Ryan McGhan

| May 23, 2017 | Alaska

As the fiscal situation in Juneau drags on, and the economic recession begins to deepen, we turn this month to health care costs in Alaska.  They make up the context of almost everything happening in Alaska health policy right now - from the AHCA to RFPs to economic activity. It's...[ Read More ]

Governor's race | Becky Hultberg | Budget

| Apr 19, 2017 | Alaska

We've got a little health policy on our list this month, but April's newsletter is more about the content happening around the policy talk. We are tracking the idea of "re-building trust," the comings and goings of folks in the system, and some interesting collaborations. Next month, we host our...[ Read More ]

Sen. Murkowski | Medicaid cost data | Thursday night

| Mar 21, 2017 | Alaska

This is a big week in US health policy with a vote on the American Health Care Act scheduled for Thursday night. The impacts to Alaska could be extreme, based on reports below, which puts the congressional delegation committed to repealing Obamacare in a tough spot - one that could...[ Read More ]

Access vs. cost | Governor's race | Berkowitz on transparency

| Mar 6, 2017 | Alaska

Much of what's happening in Alaska health care can be seen as a collective but indirect policy debate:  should Alaska's priority in health care be access, cost or quality? Access has been the collective priority in recent decades, but the conversation is changing. The important discussions shaping how and whether...[ Read More ]

80th percentile | Rep. Andy Josephson | 1332 waiver finalized

DJ Wilson | Jan 24, 2017 | Alaska

There is plenty of health policy action in D.C., for sure. But, the Walker Administration is fully engaged in implementing the transformation called for in SB74. In the legislature, solving the fiscal shortfall probably requires addressing Medicaid costs. We're tracking some of these moving parts in this edition of 5...[ Read More ]

Walker's budget | E.F. Hutton | 1332 waiver

| Dec 22, 2016 | Alaska

There is a storm brewing in health policy in 2017, and it will create a level of anxiety many of us in health care thought we had finally waded through.  So, take time to enjoy this Christmas and holiday season.  Here are "5 Things We're Watching" that will be waiting...[ Read More ]

Rep. Tom Price | Sen. Pete Kelly | Journalism in 2016

| Nov 29, 2016 | Alaska

"We all go forward with the presumption of good faith in our fellow citizens. because that presumption of good faith is essential to a vibrant and functioning democracy." We collected the highlights from post-election comments from Obama, Clinton and Trump here. Together, I think the clip calls us to our...[ Read More ]

Emotion and costs | Last week's event |  1332 waiver

| Oct 20, 2016 | Alaska

Last week was our 6th annual Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference. And, if you ask attendees, I think you'll hear them say it was the kind of candid, honest, and engaging conversation one expects at events like this - perhaps even more than normal. It was a powerful...[ Read More ]

We have over 130 organizations with us in Anchorage!!

| Oct 6, 2016

Next week, the 2016 Alaska State of Reform Health Policy Conference kicks off with registrants representing more than 130 different health care organizations and agencies from across the state gathering in Anchorage. Have you registered yet? If not, we would love to have you with us. This year Governor John Kitzhaber...[ Read More ]